How dogs heal and influence us without really trying
Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Blake

What face does your dog make? This is the look of love...

No Halloween mask can hide the love our dog is feeling right now for her papa. How can people deny themselves this amount of unadultered affection? Why wouldn't you take a chance to experience true love that is profound, and with few filters and less restrictive criteria than or

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Seriously, why wouldn't you want to consider having a dog in your life? I can tell you this adopted dog is the cats pajamas when it comes to being cute, while watching the house. How does a dog with poor vision do that? This one uses her super sonic radar dish ears to hear all sounds within a mile radius. She feeds those sounds into her databank of knowledge and then decides: pantry door? mailman? dryer done? garbage can? 

She may be old but smart dogs are ageless. One more reason why we're having a party!

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