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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Freckles

This week our available adoptable dog is a happy senior Chihuahua blend. Her name is Freckles or as everyone around here calls her the totally adorkable Freckles! Look at her face! She's a funny girl who is ready to be your nap buddy, kitchen assistant and welcome home kisser. Her foster family says she'll be a joy to have in your life!

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Come read another special Q&A with Calvin, the terrier from Small Club here in San Francisco, as he interviews sweet funny Freckles… a exclusive! Fall in love with this amazing girl and find out how you can bring her home.

Calvin here! I'm the mischievous terrier from small club: big adventures for small dogs. My pessimism clashes with the happy-go-lucky personalities of the dogs for adoption I interview - I have to wonder, what is wrong with these upbeat dogs? I mean, they don't even have homes and still they are optimists! This month, I'm checking in with a happy chihuahua mix named Freckles. Rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, Freckles is living in a Muttville foster home while searching for her new someone to love. Her zealous enthusiasm for… well, everything… means she’s a favorite among the Muttville crew!

Calvin: Hello, Freckles! You are one of the lucky senior dogs pulled from a municipal shelter by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Congratulations!

Freckles: Umm, hi Calvin! Thanks, happy to be here.

Calvin: I heard that you were one of three mutts chosen to represent the dogs at Muttville’s annual gala Moolah for Mutts. Sounds terrible to me. Did you have fun?

Freckles: OMG. Calvin, I had the best time. I am a friendly gal and I loved meeting all those kind people and the hors d’oeuvres were fantastic. 

Calvin: So tell me how you imagine your forever home, Freckles.

Freckles: I think I’ll be part of a real family - I don’t care if it’s with one person or a bunch of people and dogs and cats! And I don’t mind snoozing the day away, but when evening rolls around let’s do something together.

Calvin: Geez, you are an easygoing dog, Freckles.

Fill in the blanks for me... 

    • What you like Best about Yourself: I’ll admit it, I’m a make-out queen
    • What you would Change about Yourself if you Could: I’ve overheard people saying that my head is too small for my body, but that’s not possible. I’m just right!
    • Favorite Food: Whatever you’re cooking, that’s my favorite.
    • Favorite Snack: Chicken chicken chicken
    • Best Place to Nap: In a sunbeam.
    • Biggest Pet Peeve: Negativity
    • Most Likely To: Be elected class president. Vote for Freckles!!

Calvin: Vote for Freckles! Thanks for granting me this interview, Frecks. I know your forever person is out there - maybe even reading this interview right now! How should they contact you?

Freckles: Yeah! You should check out my profile on the muttville website, then fill out an application so we can meet at Muttville headquarters to get to know each other. See you soon!


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