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Nov 9 Dog Lovers Everywhere Celebrate GrouchyPuppy® Muse

In case you missed it, we're throwing an online party for the beautiful Grouchy Puppy muse, Cleo. This November marks eight incredible years together. Since the number eight is significant in many cultures and religions, we thought this is the year to do it up right. She is a living legend to many so we're planning to give our dog the equivalent of an Honorary Oscar.

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What's a party without guests? This is a virtual party so we're welcoming friends from all over, including New Zealand, Hawaii, Texas, Pennsylvania, Canada, South Carolina, Japan and of course the San Francisco Bay Area. Haven't seen the event on our Facebook page yet? Consider this is YOUR personal invitation to join the party!! It's going to be epic..[...]

Cleo's Homecoming Celebration on November 9th is going to be epic

We are planning a party worthy of Wolfgang Puck catering. (Keeping with the Oscar theme here) We'll be sharing photos and videos, a word cloud made of words you've submitted about Cleo (and all dogs you love), and running a Rafflecopter giveaway.

We're hoping to have a few special friends stop by. We've got a fundraising component included because it's important to give back. 

This is just a sneak peek, there's a lot more fun stuff in the works!!! And...shhhhh it's still a secret but before the celebratory day is over, we'll be launching a very cool contest for the rest of November. See! Epic is the right word...

Join us!

We want you to come join in the fun! Send us a photo of you and your furry family. During the day we'll be across all of our Grouchy Puppy social media channels sharing stories about the dogs we love. Be a part of the celebration and this historic day! 

Send your photos to: [email protected] by November 8th and we'll feature them in our party program all day November 9th.

Bonus: November also happens to be Adopt a Senior Dog Month. All of you with sweet seniors like Cleo, send us photos of life with your senior dog and we'll feature these photos beyond Cleo's big day to show all of Grouchy Puppy followers how wonderful senior dogs are in our life! Let's show everyone that special bond. 

Please include in the email: the name of everyone in the photo, (only first names will be printed), and a few sentences. If you're including a senior dog be sure and let us know.

By sending any photos, you give permission for the photo(s) to be published on Grouchy Puppy’s website, Facebook page, and other social media channels.

Charge up the camera, wipe off that lens and snap a fun a photo!

November is a special month all the way around and we want you to celebrate with us!

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