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Weekly Adoptable Senior Dog: Spike

This week Grouchy Puppy is sharing an extra special adoptable senior dog. Spike, was a Mutt of Honor at last night's big fundraiser for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco. Did you see him there being cute and fabulous?

Great news! I want to thank everyone who sees these weekly adoptable dogs and shares them among your own networks. Because of you, Muttville tells me that their adoption rate for dogs interviewed by Calvin from Small Club, is one hundred percent! Thank you!!

Now, on to Calvin's interview with SPIKE, a soulful little senior shepherd ready for adoption… a grouchypuppy online exclusive!

Calvin here! I'm the mischievous terrier from small club: big adventures for small dogs. This month, I'm interviewing Spike, a 45 lb shepherd mix rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Spike is so easy-going! Even an uptight dog like me had to relax when we met. In fact, I could stare into his soulful eyes for hours...

Calvin: Hey, Spike! How’s it going?

Spike: I’m doing great, Calvin. I live indoors with my Muttville foster family, and they tell me I am going to be an important member of a new loving family. Then I will always live inside, like forever. Cool, right?

Calvin: Very cool, Spike! Now, folks are always curious how awesome dogs like you end up homeless - what is your story?

Spike: My family moved and said they could not take me with them. But I thought I was part of the family! So confusing… I am grateful for the chance to have a new beginning.

Calvin: Oh man, I would be so mad!

Spike: Simmer down, Calvin. I am natural buddha. I live in the moment. I am strong enough to be gentle. I like to go on walks, and I am happy to show some misguided humans the path to inner peace, too.

Calvin: That sounds like a quite a deal for your lucky new family!

Let’s play fill in the blanks:

  • What do you like Best about Yourself: My eyes are the window to my soul
  • What would you Change about Yourself if you Could: I’m pretty sure both my ears should point up
  • Best Friend: Accepting applications!
  • Favorite Food: Peanut Butter! Wow. Oh wait, no, it’s cheese. Yeah, cheese! No, my favorite is ham sandwich. Final answer.
  • Best Place to Nap: In my very own dog bed
  • Most Likely To: Get a job as a life coach
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: People who think living outside is good enough for a dog

Calvin: Thanks for this interview, Spike. Where should folks go to learn more about you?

Spike: Check out my profile on the muttville website, then fill out an application so we can meet up at Muttville headquarters to get to know each other. Namaste, folks!


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