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5 Autumn Dog Safety Tips including a LED collar

Whether you live in the city or country, taking your dog out for a spin is fun. Daily exercise is a good habit for all ages, and a great way to keep those pounds off. I love walking my elderly dog in our San Francisco neighborhood. During the day we often have friendly encounters with local kids and strangers who want to pet a big fluffy dog. Our nightly walks are usually shorter and meant for Cleo's last pee stop before bedtime. 

Daylight Savings ends soon and that means longer shadows during our afternoon walks. This time of year also means that to make sure our dog walks are safe I start packing a flashlight for me, and now a LED collar for my dog Cleo.


Wearing reflective gear at night is important, especially in the city. You can't be too careful these days, it only takes a second for a driver to roll through a stop sign and crosswalk. Even with a dog as big as Cleo, I never assume someone in a car sees us as we enter a crosswalk, even in daylight. Now with nights getting longer and days shorter, I'd recommend pulling on a piece of reflective clothing whether the sun is going down or coming up. Being seen by traffic, other people or animals is important for both of you. 


Image from www.grouchypuppy.com
Cleo's new LED Collar in SF Giants Orange

Because my dog is big and could be scary for a small child (we have many living on our block), I'm excited to have this new LED collar courtesy of the Canadian company, Head-Lites® Pet Products. Their package arrived in a neat and tidy box that included a spare set of batteries, and a neat little mesh storage bag. Because of Cleo's big head thick fur around her neck, the nice folks at Head-Lites made us a special collar with a little extra room. It fits perfectly, we slip it on in addition to her harness before heading out the door. 

Cleo does Las Vegas
Can you see me now?

This product is well made. We love the sturdy hardware and of course, the orange is also a perfect shade for Cleo to wear on Orange Fridays during the Giants baseball season. Gotta support the team!

Be safe

If you don't have anything yet to add some visibility for your furry buddy, this simple LED collar is perfect. Consider getting one before November 3rd this year when Daylight Savings ends, and remember these five dog safety tips:

  1. Be alert. Skip the ear buds
  2. Be bright. Wear reflective hat or vest and carry flashlight
  3. Be aware. Carry your cell for emergency & to tell time in the dark
  4. Be relaxed. Your dog can sense if you're fearful. Bring a friend if it'll help
  5. Be safe. LED collar, light stick and more helps brighten your path

Bonus! These collars could be the perfect Halloween costume for your dog. If your dog is like Cleo and won't let you put a real costume on them, this collar would make a great Liberace. Something to consider...

Do you already use any of these tips and tricks for your evening walks? Have you tried these collars before? We'd love to read your comments. And if you have other ideas for Halloween tell us in the comments too, we need your clever ideas..


More about Head-Lites

Head-Lites® Pet Products Inc. is a small company based in Winona, Ontario, Canada. We are dedicated to bringing you high quality Canadian made pet products. All of our raw materials are sourced as locally as possible and each product is individually sewn, soldered, and assembled right in Ontario. We are proud to say our company and our manufacturing are 100% Canadian.


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