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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Ranger

Photo Aug 11, 2013, 12:26 PM

To know Ranger is to love Ranger!

Ranger got the short end of the stick but not anymore. This lovely, gentle Chow mix boy is beyond sweet. All he wants is to be loved and he doesn’t even ask for it. When you see him you'll want to hug him and tell him everything will be alright.

The folks at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue think Ranger is about 10 years old. He is a slow mover, gentle on leash and bonds quickly. He loves other dogs and will be so happy to find a home.

Come meet Ranger and fall in love!


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Millennials consider this advice for a good life with your future dog

As Chelsea Handler says, "you don't own a dog. You have a dog, and a dog has you." When we adopted our dog a friend reminded us to not overthink it. A dog is a simple creature who wants to love you, eat a good meal, be taken out to do their business regularly, and have a warm place to sleep. Most dogs will also want a job of some kind in order to feel useful and contributing to the household. 

Over the years since adopting our dog, this advice was some of the best we ever received. Now for the Gen Y or Millennials who are thinking about having a dog, I have some advice. Consider fostering a dog from your local shelter or rescue first, maybe start by volunteering there. You will learn a lot. Your next step is to adopt rather than buy your future dog. The adoption process isn't free, though some shelters or rescues might offer low-cost or free adoption days. If you need to pay for your dog, most adoptions should set you back some because you're reimbursing the facility for the microchip, vaccinations, the spay/neuter and general care your new best friend has been receiving.

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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Willy

Meet Willy, this week's sweet adoptable older dog. This senior dog is bound to bring a smile to your face, and joy to your life in the Bay Area. He's a West Highland terrier mix who'd love to ride along with you, or just sit and watch a movie together.

Photo Jul 10, 2013, 1:23 PM
Willy (photo credit: J'adore le Chien Photography)

Oh, how we love the Willy-dog! What a great little walker he is! Willy is a happy boy that gets long with all the doggies here at Muttville. He is about 7-9 years young and weighs about 18 pounds. He is cuuuute! Though Willy loves attention and affection, Willy can be sensitive on his belly and sensitive to fast movements and will be best in a home with adults only. Willy is great little rider in the car and loves to curl up for a movie at night. He is also crate trained!

Come meet Willy at Muttville and if you love his photo, check out J'adore le Chien Photography

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SF/SPCA Expands Services to the Public Starting August 5

Due to budget issues, the San Francisco Department of Animal Care and Control is cutting their hours of operations. In response, San Francisco SPCA will offer additional services to the public starting Monday, because "we have the capacity to help" according to Dr. Scarlett, co-president of the SF SPCA.

When the news of SF ACC reducing their hours, and the SF SPCA's response, it was a reminder of what I love most about this city - people doing the right thing. You don't have to look very far to see people stepping up and doing the right thing, because it's the right thing to do. Life isn't perfect here but simple acts and decisions like this one sure can make you feel like it is.

Here is the official announcement:

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