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Quiz: How well do you know older dogs?

Having an older dog is new for me. It has been a rewarding adventure. Sometimes scary, but always gratifying. I don't remember the dogs from my childhood growing old enough for me to notice any difference in their needs or behavior. The two dogs who were the oldest, we rescued as adults when I was six. Living with my dog today and experiencing her life from adolescence to mature lady and now senior dog, has been the best journey I've ever been on. I learn something every day.

What can we all learn from having an older dog in our life?

There are many benefits to having an older dog at home. Older dogs have a lot in common with our grandparents and aging parents. I don't live near my elderly parents. Experiencing my dog's arthritis and managing her medications has made me more empathetic to my parents' health issues. I'm much more patient when I hear my parents complain about the aging process.

If you're an empty nester now, you appreciate having a more mellow dog, over a rambunctious puppy. This is a great reason adopting a senior dog is a good idea. Draining the energy from a young dog is a lot of work. It's nice knowing you don't have to spend hours on dog training or long outings to educate yet also burn through the exuberance of a puppy or adolescent before they'll take a nap. 

Are you a Millennial and thinking about getting your first dog? I came up with a simple quiz to test your knowledge of what you think older dogs are like, and what life with one would be like. 

Test your knowledge! Answer the following questions true or false:

True or False 

  1. When you give your heart to an older dog, it will grow
  2. Older dogs keep your secrets safer than a puppy
  3. Walking an older dog around the block is a great way to unplug from technology
  4. Older dogs are perfect for introverts
  5. Loving and living with an older dog teaches you empathy and compassion
  6. Older dogs are just as funny and silly as puppies
  7. Squeaky dog toys last longer with an older dog
  8. Older dogs like to nap


How much do you know about older dogs and what life with one is like?


If you answered TRUE to all of the above, high five! You understand that older dogs have a lot of love to give and can be your best friend. They encourage reflection and a quiet pace that can be just what we humans need in today's hectic world.

I encourage you to help others understand that older dogs deserve our loyalty and commitment. Consider adopting one of your own, or looking into the eyes of the dog you have and telling them you'll be their care giver, buddy and companion to the end.

Did we miss anything? How is life like with your older dog? Did we miss any questions we should ask next time? We love comments and appreciate your feedback!

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