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Would you send your pooch to an iDog seminar?

A New York dog trainer is teaching dogs to touch iPad screens with their wet nose on demand. Do you see this dog training being more than a parlor trick? Is this behavior useful for working dogs? What do you think?

image from Yahoo News

You may or may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly try to get Fido to use an iPad.

New York dog trainer Anna Jane Grossman has done just that, with success -- although a lack of apps limits the possibilities.

"It's a novelty. It's just sort of a fun thing to do," Grossman told AFP at School for the Dogs, the canine classroom she runs with partner Kate Senisi near Manhattan's Union Square.

"There's not a huge amount of purpose to it -- but the way I see it, we're playing games all the time on our iPads anyway, so why not play games with our dogs?"

Grossman, a native New Yorker and lifelong dog lover who's also a freelance writer, was inspired by a fictional news article about a college grad who instructs dogs on correct tablet technique.

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Avoidable tragedy started with dog owner thinking biting or nipping is okay

Is the pit bulls' owner guilty of the child's fatal mauling? A trial here in the Bay Area is currently going on with a jury deciding whether the dog attack was a crime. This case is truly a tragedy. A preventable death. Why did this man, the grandfather, whose extended family had moved back in with him have five pit bulls? With two small kids now living there, why did he not realize these big dogs would need extra supervision around little ones not less? In my opinion he was negligent toward his family and the dogs.

image from
Photo: David Iannotti

I love big dogs. I have a big Shepherd Husky now, and I grew up with Dobermans. When you have a big dog you need to stay on top of them and their environment. My dog Cleo is the size of a small horse, and may not realize that her idea of play isn't always welcomed or understood by a child.

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Dog saves woman discovers tumor early

image from
Via the Mirror

Daisy the spaniel head-butted Fiona Cole in the spot where a tumour was growing

Fiona, 41, said: “Daisy is my guardian angel. I have no doubt I owe her my life. Somehow she knew I had cancer even before I did.” Fiona, a holistic therapist and mother to May, 15, and Eleanor, 13, said: “She started acting strangely, sniffing and nudging with her nose the underside of my left breast.

“I ignored her for three weeks. Then one night when I was sat on the sofa she jumped up and head-butted it. I remember saying: “Ow, Daisy, be careful!” but she wouldn’t stop. 

Two days later she was diagnosed with an aggressive HER2-positive breast cancer which had spread to her lymph nodes. She was told it had been caught it in the nick of time.

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Mobile dog grooming becoming popular choice for more owners

image from

Via Union Tribune San Diego

The mobile dog grooming business has grown nationally in the past few years, with pet owners loving the convenience. It makes grooming that much easier for an elderly dog that can’t travel or an anxious dog (or cat) that wants nothing to do with a car or a bath appointment downtown.

Not all mobile groomers can handle emergency calls, because their schedules are booked in advance with regular customers and they often limit their work to small regions to avoid long drives

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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Gracie

It's time to meet our newest older dog looking for her new forever family. Get to know Gracie, a sweet petit basset griffon vendeen blended girl, in a new interview by Calvin our canine correspondent. You'll fall in love with this adoptable girl, who happens to be blind.

Photo Aug 13, 2013, 3:51 PM
Photo credit: J'adore le chien

Learn all about this 10-year-old senior sweetheart in a charming and candid conversation with Calvin the mischievous terrier from small club: big adventures for small dogs.

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Former Purina Employee Finds New Happy Life as Dog Warden

image from
Via WOSU Public Media

Union County Dog Warden: Rescuing, Fostering Dogs ‘Feeds My Soul’

It might seem that Mary Beth Hall has a thankless job. As Union County’s dog warden, Hall is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But for Hall it’s been the most rewarding job of her life.

Mary Beth Hall does have an office just outside Marysville. But most days she’s in a county animal control truck, out on patrol, responding to complaints or rescuing lost pets. She visits nursing homes and hospitals with therapy dogs. She presents programs about dog safety at schools and churches.

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Dogs bring joy to patients and staff at hospital

image from

Via Federal Way Mirror

Susan Evans and her black German shepherd mix, Jasper, are a regular sight walking through the halls and rooms of St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way.

The duo are members of Pet Partners, a non-profit organization run out of Bellevue that provides therapy animals to those who need them.

Toni Myhre, volunteer coordinator at St. Francis, said that Evans and Jasper's contribution to the hospital is immense.

"I just know from what I hear, what a blessing it is to have the animals come and visit not only the staff, but the patients as well. It just creates a different environment for them for calm," she said. "A lot of patients don't have the option to bring in their animals, and if you're an animal lover like me, to be able to visit with an animal, even if it's not your own, has that calming and loving feeling, that unconditional love I think people like to see."

Myhre said the pet therapy program has been in the Franciscan system for at least a decade. She's been an employee for 11 years and has always remembered the program being present at the hospitals.

In the few years that Evans and Jasper have visited patients, heartwarming stories have become commonplace.

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Quiz: How well do you know older dogs?

Having an older dog is new for me. It has been a rewarding adventure. Sometimes scary, but always gratifying. I don't remember the dogs from my childhood growing old enough for me to notice any difference in their needs or behavior. The two dogs who were the oldest, we rescued as adults when I was six. Living with my dog today and experiencing her life from adolescence to mature lady and now senior dog, has been the best journey I've ever been on. I learn something every day.

What can we all learn from having an older dog in our life?

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Dentist uses therapy dog to ease patients anxiety

image from
Via Star Tribune

Molly’s contributions to the field of dentistry are often acknowledged with a smile and a pat on the head.

On most days, the 4-year-old cocker spaniel roams Applewood Family Dental in Woodbury, waiting to be summoned to comfort a fidgety patient.

Some people are so averse to dental work that they regularly skip cleanings or push back appointments, Dr. Brian Kraby said. To help address the problem, he decided to bring in Molly to help ease patients’ minds as they sat in his chair.

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