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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Gracie

It's time to meet our newest older dog looking for her new forever family. Get to know Gracie, a sweet petit basset griffon vendeen blended girl, in a new interview by Calvin our canine correspondent. You'll fall in love with this adoptable girl, who happens to be blind.

Photo Aug 13, 2013, 3:51 PM
Photo credit: J'adore le chien

Learn all about this 10-year-old senior sweetheart in a charming and candid conversation with Calvin the mischievous terrier from small club: big adventures for small dogs.

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Q&A with Calvin: GRACIE, a sweet senior mutt for adoption… a exclusive!

Calvin here! I'm the mischievous terrier from small club: big adventures for small dogs. This month, I'm talking with Gracie, a sweet blind petite basset griffon vendeen (PBGV) mix rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Gracie’s cheerful demeanor keeps all the volunteers smiling at “Muttville Manor,” where she reclines on the couch and hopes that the next person to cuddle with her is the one who will take her home!

Calvin: Gracie, I’m told that you had a rough road to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. You are an incredibly sweet and adorable girl - how do you explain your positive attitude?

Gracie: Well, Calvin, it has been a confusing journey, but I realize now that the day I was abandoned in a backpack at SF Animal Care & Control was the best day of my life - so far! Now I have a new beginning. I can’t wait until the day a loving person takes me home forever… then that will be the best day of my life.

Calvin: You are really taking this in stride, Gracie. I would be a wreck.

Gracie: I’m 10 years old and I’ve been around the block. I know what’s important. Like dinner. When is dinner, anyway?

Calvin: Meals are only twice a day, Gracie. Do you want some of my carrot sticks?

Gracie: Yum! Thanks, Calvin. I love crunchy vegetables.

Calvin: So tell me how you imagine your forever home, Gracie.

Gracie: Snuggly! I want to love, be loved, and hopefully be allowed on the couch.

Calvin: Do you need any special care because you are blind?

Gracie: Not much at all! Let me explore, and I will quickly learn my way around my new home. When we go to new places, I would like to be held in your arms or kept on leash so I don’t get lost. And I can hear you just fine, so if you need me just call my name!

Calvin: You sound like an easy dog, Gracie. Fill in the blanks for me, then you can get back to your nap...

What you like Best about Yourself: I’m a snuggler!

Favorite Snacks: carrot sticks and apple pieces

Best Place to Nap: right next to you. or better yet - on your lap

Biggest Pet Peeve: being coddled because I am blind. I am quite capable, thank you very much!

Most Likely To: become the first blind dog supermodel

Calvin: Thanks for this interview, Gracie. Where should folks go to learn more about you?

Gracie: Check out my profile on the Muttville website, then come meet me at Muttville headquarters so we can get to know each other.

Calvin: Thanks for granting me this interview, Gracie. I know your forever person is out there, maybe even reading this interview right now!

Gracie 1874 muttville profile:



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