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Sweet Senior Dog of the Week: Zorro

One of my childhood dogs was named Zorro, for peeing on my older sister's bed. This simple act made us the best of buddies and comrades in arms against sibling tyranny. Seriously, he was a super sweet dog just like this week's adoptable senior dog from Muttville. Meet Zorro. Bet you'll become best of friends too.

What a great big sweet boy Zorro is! Bewildered to end up in an animal shelter, because he didn’t do anything except be the happy playful dog that he is.

He is a wonderful 12 year old black lab mix with loads of charm. This guy still has lots of play left in him, too.

He loves other dogs, big and small, and people, too. Zorro weighs 50 pounds but could stand to put on some weight, he's skinny! His skin was itchy and infected - but he was a good boy for his medicated bath and under all the scabs and dirt was a wonderful shiny black coat! We love Zorro and you will, too!

Come meet Zorro via Muttville


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