So this dog walks into a bar...
Grouchy Puppy Conducts On-the-Street Dog Lover Interviews July 28th!

Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Tiny Hercules

One special side effect of spending time with a rescued older dog is seeing their makeovers. Their personalities blossom along with their adorability

Meet Hercules

Once Muttville volunteers bathed this lil ragamuffin and trimmed some of his matted hair, everyone realized what a looker this tiny boy is. Hercules has a big personality in a little body! He loves his stuffed doggy and carries it everywhere with him.

Hercules loves other dogs and prefers to cuddle up with another Muttville dog than to sleep alone! He weighs 6 pounds and is about 10 years old! Come and get him, he'll make you happy and be the star of your neighborhood!

Is Hercules real or is he a stuffed animal!?? Come meet him and you'll discover he's a living doll.


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