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How do we benefit from loving an older dog?

Some say they are afraid of giving their heart to an older dog because they fear being heartbroken when the dog eventually passes away. I say, don't be scared. Your heart is a muscle. It needs exercise. It needs to work out in order to be healthy. Don't let it atrophy. Your heart will thank you for risking it on a loving bond with an older dog.

It feels like climbing up and down San Francisco's famous hills. Your heart pounds and the blood flows. Some moments are easy while others have you struggling to keep going. But you have a purpose, a goal, a reason to keep going and once you reach the crest..boom. The beauty of the view makes it all worthwhile.

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Don't miss out on experiencing love and a warm beating heart by not having an older dog in your life. Loving an older dog and making a commitment to their well-being is like strength training at the gym. You will feel stronger, better for your efforts, even when your heart gets squeezed with grief.

Why should you give your heart to an older dog? Here are eight reasons:

  1. Older dogs remind you that a good life is about quality rather than quantity
  2. Have you ever walked slowly with an older dog, life becomes meaningful again in their quiet moments
  3. Older dogs teach us empathy and compassion
  4. How do you unplug from technology? Spend time with an old dog
  5. Showing kindness to our elders, including dogs, feels good
  6. Look into the eyes and face of an elderly dog. Tell me you can't feel their warmth and gratitude for your companionship right now
  7. Experience how a simple and loving bond for another being - even a furry one - can bring you closer to others in your community
  8. There is a special place in heaven for people who give their heart to an old dog

Not convinced yet? Need another reason to have and love an older dog? Tell us more in the comments.

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