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Sweet dogs make chilly San Francisco summer day better

I love dogs. Seriously, I love all dogs, which is why I ended up having so much fun hanging out in the Mission District on Sunday. Of course I wished my dog could have been with me but she is almost blind, and doesn't walk more than a few blocks at a time these days. Cleo is an old gal who is happier "watching the house" with her papa and scamming Scooby Snacks for successfully navigating the hallway.

My love for San Francisco, its neighborhoods, and supporting the community however got me out of the house. My love for dogs kept me away for a few hours on this chilly overcast summer day. I got a chance to experience my first Sunday Streets. The Sunday Streets program allows dogs, kids on bikes, locals and summer visitors alike to spend an afternoon hanging out together along an avenue closed to car traffic. I spied an advice booth, lots of handicrafts, a couple of bands, a DJ mixing up tunes for people to dance to, and even a funny Frida Kahlo look-alike contest. The many blocks of Valencia Street that were closed had lots of space so people and dogs had room to walk and enjoy themselves without being overwhelmed. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

This cutie showed us how much they were loving the music - that tail sure can keep a beat!

I met lots of people with dogs, and many were kind enough to let me play with their pup.  Several said yes to my using my old iPhone to take their photo too. I've included a few sweet dogs here:


Micah waits for her treat during Sunday Streets in the Mission

Frida the sweet ol' dog enjoying Sunday

And finally, Pinky. This little girl made me laugh so hard. Is it because she's a French Bulldog but she ran zoomies for the longest time. I didn't think I'd ever get a clear photo. Her dads were very sweet and we laughed at her energy. What made me smile even more though, an hour after this photo was taken I saw her dads carrying a very sleepy puppy. Too cute for words. Bet she had a very nice nap home.


Pinky the cute Frenchie finally slowed down for me to snap a photo

Besides meeting local canines, I got a chance to talk to people about one of the Mission's newer residents, PAWS Pets Are Wonderful Support. You may have seen me write about them before. PAWS is a local nonprofit that provides basic care-giving to the companion animals of low income seniors, people living with HIV, and the disabled. I volunteer for them and sit on the board of directors.

I had a great time introducing people to PAWS and talking about volunteer opportunities. A few kind people made donations too. Thank you! LIFE+DOG magazine had cool thank you gifts and I had pretty pink PAWS bracelets. If you stayed home because of the clouds or you had other plans but you want to donate to PAWS, you're welcome to contribute to my FirstGiving page.

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