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Sweet Senior Dog of the Week: Cesar

It's Sunday, time to share a new adoptable older dog with you. This week Calvin is back to interview Cesar, a Muttville Cattle Dog looking for love and forever family. He a talkative sweetheart who the volunteers love to take for walks. Look at this boy's face. What a charmer, even my dog wouldn't wear a bandana...

cesar: my smile is contagious
photo by j'adore le chien pet photography

Learn all about this adoptable senior sweetie in a charming and candid conversation. We have a special Vine video at the end.

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Calvin's interview with Cesar, a Muttville Cattle Dog for Adoption

Calvin here! I'm the mischievous terrier from small club: big adventures for small dogs. This month, I'm talking with a jovial cattle dog mix named Cesar. Rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, Cesar is living at Muttville's doggy loft while searching for his new someone to love.  His running commentary on life at Muttville, spoken in the full voice that only a barrel-chested dog can muster, makes him a favorite among the Muttville volunteers!

Calvin: So, Cesar, you were rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue from the shelter at San Francisco Animal Care and Control. Since then, Muttville has been helping you find a forever home. Folks are always curious how such cool dogs end up homeless - what is your story?

Cesar: It is pretty simple. I was loved, then my person could no longer care for me. I do miss him but I am grateful for the chance to have a new beginning!

Calvin: You are really taking this in stride.

Cesar: I make the best of every situation. And I will tell you all about it! I have the kind of bass in my voice that only a fat dog can have - my tone comes from deep within my belly. Though maybe losing a little bit would be healthy. But I'm handsome just how I am.  Just ask Sherri! She said so. And then the volunteers keep taking me for walks. That is fun, I like walks. I have so much love to give!  I'm thinking I'd like to live with a person who wants to spend time with me hanging out, eating, going for easy walks, sitting around at cafes... I love a life of leisure! And I think I've earned it - I am 11 years old, after all. Did you know that 11 is a prime number? Prime numbers are cool because...

Calvin: Stop, Cesar! Please just fill in the blanks:

  • What you like Best about Yourself: My smile is contagious
  • What you would Change about Yourself if you Could: Huh? What do you mean? Why would I change anything about myself?
  • Best Friend: I lost my best friend. Looking for a new one!
  • Favorite Food: Pizza and Beer
  • Best Place to Nap: A soft bed in the shade
  • Most Likely To: Win a political debate - I can out-talk anyone!
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: Fat-phobic people. I am perfectly plump, thank you very much.

Calvin: Phew I can't believe we made it. Where should folks go to find more about you?

Cesar: Wait, I'm not done talking! Did I tell you about the time...

Calvin: I'm cutting you off! Folks can read your muttville profile Cesar then come meet you in person to hear the rest of the story.

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