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Summer dog safety and sunscreen

Outdoor sun is more fun when you're with your dog, but that sunscreen you're wearing can be bad if ingested by your canine buddy.

Summer lovin...

We know protecting our skin from the sun is important and can prevent certain forms of cancer. Wearing a high SPF broad spectrum sunscreen and reapplying it regularly is key, but can harm our pets if they lick your face, limbs or wherever you've applied it.

  • After applying your suncreen, wash your hands before petting your pup
  • Consider placing a towel so your dog lies against that rather than your lotioned up legs

Think Pink

Did you know that dogs can get sunburned too? Pink nose = sensitive to sunlight. Certain light colored dogs will suffer from sunburns. It's not just about heat exhaustion and hydration. If you spend enough time outdoors with your dog, talk to your vet and consider buying specific pet-appropriate sunscreen. You'll be able to safely use that on your dog's nose.

Now that's summer you have other summer tips? Tell us in the comments!

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