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How do you help your blind dog avoid household dangers?

What's the benefit of keeping old dog toys? Our elderly dog doesn't play with them anymore but we kept some anyway. When Cleo began losing her eyesight, we worried about keeping her safe while letting her move around the house without us always watching. One day my husband came up with a simple, effective and super cute solution to helping our dog avoid walking into the fireplace.

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Why do we support PAWS? Ask the Vet

Since adopting a dog, and managing her care over the past eight years, I'm aware of how costly veterinary care is and how many questions come up every month or so. Though much of our elderly dog's care is typical, we've had a few surprise vet visits. We do our best because we love Cleo very much and she deserves our best efforts. We're fortunate that we have the resources and energy to care for her, and get her the excellent veterinary services when something comes up.

Given how much we do, and would do for our dog, I couldn't imagine what it would be like if we couldn't.This is one of the many reasons I support Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS). They provide their clients free veterinary consultative services every month. 

PAWS clients are low income seniors, people living with HIV and the disabled. For many, their animal companion is their only family and confidante - their reason to get up in the morning. Like me, they would do anything for their best friend. Like me, they can have questions about lumps and bumps on their pet, skin allergies or maybe behavioral changes in their aging dog. These are all issues I've talked extensively with my vet about.

If you know what I'm talking about then consider lending a paw and join me in supporting PAWS. Read more about this special clinic, and think about making a donation to help them keep programs like this going.


More information on Ask the Vet Clinics.

Give a Gift to support PAWS  and vital services like Ask the Vet Clinics.

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Meet Sweet Adoptable Dog of the Week: Sally


Photo Mar 15, 2013, 11:43 AM
Photo cred: Suszi Lurie McFadden

Sally the Chihuahua is sumpin special.

This wonderful chiweenie girl is very gentle and what a snuggle muffin! She’s smart, a lil’ sassy and she loves to snuggle under the blankets! Sally is fine with other mellow dogs. We think she is about 10 years old. She is a fun little gal who needs a wonderful special person she can love. That’s all she asks for. Sally is a thin delicate girl that weighs about 9 pounds.

Find out how you can snuggle up with Sally via Muttville

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Antique dog collars and a cool summer travel idea!

Summer usually means vacation. For dog lovers, sometimes it also means combining your excursion and possible museum visits with your love of all things canine.

Years ago on a solo driving tour around England, after stopping to see Stonehenge I sped over to Kent. I wanted to visit the beautiful and historic Leeds Castle. Besides having the coolest moat and beautiful swans, this fairytale setting and stunning landmark is known for being..

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Sweet Senior Dog of the Week: Buddy

I believe in the human animal bond. Since my dog Cleo has aged into her senior years, I've felt that there is something extra special about sharing that bond with an older dog. Having her in my life has allowed me to learn what a treasure an old dog can be, that experiencing life with her as she nears the end isn't scary. I'm no longer focused on the fear of losing her anymore, but on enjoying the time we have each day. Each week I'm bringing you the opportunity to experience this unique joy that a senior dog can bring by sharing a new adoptable dog from Muttville.

(photo: muttville senior dog rescue)

[at muttville adoption events, folks line up for their turn to hug buddy

This week we have something really really special. Calvin, from the very popular Small Club, interviews Buddy, a cool Pekingese guy looking for love and forever family. Learn all about this adoptable senior sweetie in a charming and candid conversation. Read this exclusive interview, then let us know in the comments if you want Calvin to give you the scoop next week on the next Muttville dog we share.

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