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Sweet Senior Dog of the Week: Cesar

It's Sunday, time to share a new adoptable older dog with you. This week Calvin is back to interview Cesar, a Muttville Cattle Dog looking for love and forever family. He a talkative sweetheart who the volunteers love to take for walks. Look at this boy's face. What a charmer, even my dog wouldn't wear a bandana...

cesar: my smile is contagious
photo by j'adore le chien pet photography

Learn all about this adoptable senior sweetie in a charming and candid conversation. We have a special Vine video at the end.

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July 14 Celebrate Bastille Day & Join in a Pug Lovers Fundraiser!

Photo May 21, 2013, 3:11 PM


Event - Vive Le Pug - a Bastille Day Fundraiser for Central Coast Pug Rescue 

Location - DogPatch Wineworks - 2455 3rd Street, SF

Date - Sunday, July 14th 3 - 6pm

Description - Bring your pug(s) (or pooch)...Eat, Drink, Play with Pug lovers and their people.

Tickets - $50/advance, $60/door - included food, a glass of wine and pug-centric activities


Learn more about Central Coast Pug Rescue

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe

We love our dogs. It's always sad to see a lost dog flyer in the neighborhood or nowadays on Facebook. Summer means kids running in and out of the house. 4th of July fireworks and summer outdoor concerts bring loud noises.

Petfinder has created a great infographic with five ways to help you prevent your dog from getting lost this summer. Please share this with friends and family alike. 

Photo Jun 27, 2013, 8:46 AM


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Can dogs sell real estate?

Would you be more likely to buy or rent an apartment or a house, if the ads showed a dog? Real estate agents already stage a home they are trying to sell with stylish well-placed rented furniture. Why not add a dog to the print advertisement, or even better, inside the home during open houses and broker Tuesdays.

ABC = Always be closing? How about .. Always Be Cleo

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Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Goldie

This week we're sharing a special needs elderly dog who has nothing but love and warm companionship to give you. She's the kind of dog who'll soak up all the love you have to give and quietly return it ten-fold.

She's the kind of dog who reminds me of my Cleo. While my dog may not be able to see much, her hearing is better than ever. Through our help and her dog smarts, Cleo navigates life in and out of the house like a champ. Her desire to win treats doesn't hurt either. 

Meet gentle gorgeous Goldie.

Through no fault of her own, Goldie has been bounced around from home to home, always ending up at the animal shelter. Saved on her last day, we are happy she is safe now.

Goldie is a gorgeous 8 year old Golden/Chow mix, very sweet and gentle with people. She's good with older children. We are still deciding if she can live peacefully in a home with another well-matched dog.

She is hearing impaired but her vision seems OK and she has the smarts to learn some signing.

Goldie loves to go for walks. While she gets around pretty well, she has some arthritis and stairs are a no-go for her. She has an appointment with the vet for a wellness check soon. She may not be a dog park kind of dog but if you are looking for a faithful companion to lay by you as you garden, work, etc., then Goldie might be your girl.

All Goldie really wants is a loving and stable home where she can stay forever.


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Dog lovers don't need lame surveys

Are cats considered "starter" dogs? Why do more women have a dog than men? Why do Americans prefer dogs over cats? So many questions! Too bad these questions are only sort of answered by what I ultimately found to be a lame survey that dog lovers don't need. 

A new poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) - that isn't the typical PPP political poll  - states 21% of American voters would choose a cat over a dog.

The PPP surveyed 603 registered voters over the phone between June 11 and June 13, covering a broad range of animal-related questions ranging from favorite movie-animal characters to whether cat owners are weird. Overall, the study found that most Americans are pet-friendly, with 6 in 10 voters owning a pet while 1 in 5 people prefer to spend time with their pets over humans.

How accurate do you think this survey is for most people? How many unregistered voters feel the same or differently? 603 people are going to influence public policy when it comes to pets? This "study" did nothing for me to be honest. Yes, I used quote marks to emphasize my dissatisfaction..

Why do we love dogs so much?

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Sweet Senior Dog of the Week: Gordon

My helping promote elderly dogs each week partially stems from knowing older dogs like Gordon here. He has everything - everything - going for him, but sadly life got in the way and his person passed away before Gordon did. Meet this handsome guy then scoop him up while you have the chance.

Just look at this face! Gordon is a handsome older gentleman who has a lot of love to give! He’s a Lab mix, about 10 – 12 years old and he weighs 40 – 45 lbs. He's in good health. Gordon’s person passed away and he was surrendered to a dog sanctuary. Everyone wanted him to have a home of his own again, so Muttville said yes to helping him find one.

Gordon’s foster parents write:

We can see why, as he is incredibly gentle and such a love. He has been great with other dogs, even our skittish little 25 pounder (who does not like bigger dogs), and he seems especially eager to meet other dogs around his size. He has also been great meeting new people, and shows signs of a gregarious Labrador nature despite his age. He is quite mobile and pretty good with stairs, but it might be better if were in a single story home (unless you are okay carrying him when he is tired). Gordon is the perfect companion for someone who is looking for a mellow, gentle, affectionate dog.

Please email Muttville at [email protected] if you are interested in meeting him or pass this info along to anyone who might be!

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