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Sweet Senior Dog of the Week: Roxy

Photo Mar 15, 2013, 12:15 PM
Photo: Suszi Lurie McFadden

UPDATE: Great news, Roxy was adopted!

Introducing Roxy, all of 7 pounds! This little girl would be so comfortable in your arms!

What a doll she is, a quiet charmer! Roxy’s family gave her up when they moved, but despite that, she's very friendly with other dogs. She enjoys cuddling and playing with cats, too! Roxy is outgoing and is always the first at the door to say hi to visitors and shower them with love. As playful and active as she can be, she knows when it is time to be calm and mellow in the house. She loves to just curl up beside you on the couch or burying herself under blankets during quiet moments at home.

Roxy's complete profile:

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