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Sweet Senior Dog of the Week: Unsinkable Molly Brown

It's Mother's Day, the perfect day to begin a new weekly series called Sweet Senior Dogs. We're partnering with local success story Muttville Senior Dog Rescue with the idea of using our GrouchyPuppy network to bring greater awareness of sweet adoptable senior dogs.

We met these amazing people with big hearts three years ago, and have been huge supporters ever since. With my own dog Cleo clearly in her golden years, I am even more empathetic to Muttville's mission. My understanding of the human animal bond is also the reason I am involved in Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS). How could I not do my part to help find the perfect new forever home for a sweet senior dog?

Starting with Miss Molly here, expect to see a senior sweetie every Sunday then highlighted throughout the week across our GrouchyPuppy network. We hope you'll help us spread the word of the availability of these senior dogs, and when you meet your own love match, adopt one. 

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UPDATE: Great news, Molly Brown was adopted!

Strength in Second Chances: The “Unsinkable” Molly Brown

At Muttville, it’s never too late for a second chance. And thank goodness for that, because sweet Molly Brown is looking for a loving home to call her own. This little lady has earned the compassion of everyone at Muttville with her story of unwavering hope and optimism. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Molly Brown, but her truly “unsinkable” spirit has overcome the odds - all she needs now is a loving home to make her happy ending complete!


At 12 years old, Molly Brown lost her best doggie friend in the world. Then,  she was abandoned by the only family she had ever known, living in an isolated garage without love or attention. That’s when Muttville stepped in to help this sweet girl.

Sherri Franklin, Executive Director of Muttville, was deeply touched by Molly Brown: “The reason Molly Brown tugged at my heart strings was her predicament. Somehow I am really moved by dogs that lose their lifelong dog friend and then are left behind.” But while the Unsinkable Molly Brown has hit a few rough seas, she’s still got a twinkle in her eye and a renewed sense of hope. Now, a loving home is all that’s missing to make her happy ending complete.

Surely, the Unsinkable Molly Brown’s good looks and easygoing personality are sure to win over potential adopters, too, says Sherri: “Beagles are usually very sweet, and typically great with other dogs and even cats! We have three beagles at Muttville right now, and they are all very special, loving dogs.”

Stephanie Meissner, Molly Brown’s loving foster mom, has done an amazing job with her, providing a home environment with lots of love and encouragement to get Molly Brown back on her feet. Stephanie lists Molly among her top three favorite dogs that she’s ever fostered, and sent Muttville a glowing progress report: “A gentle soul, Molly Brown is great with dogs, cats and loves kids. She even knows how to shake! Molly is housebroken, crate-trained and rides well in the car. She’s a warm-hearted little girl who will make a wonderful, loyal companion for her new lucky family.”

Yup, our Unsinkable Molly Brown is proving just how resilient and eternally optimistic dogs can be, especially senior rescue dogs. As she continues to wow us with each passing day, Molly Brown would love to find her forever home outside of Muttville! If you’re interested in meeting this doll-faced girl with a courageous spirit, let us know so we can set up a meet-n-greet  at one of our upcoming Muttville events in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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