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Sweet Senior Dog of the Week: Samantha

Soft coat? Check. Big radar ears perfect for scratching? Check! Available for adoption? That's a giant yes so keep reading...


Meet sultry silky Samantha, this week's senior sweetie from Muttville in San Francisco. Given our love for Cleo, you know we'd be partial to this face. We know this lovely girl would do her best to be your best friend and faithful companion because from our years with Cleo, that's how shepherds roll...

Every Sunday we share a new adorable dog from local hero Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, then highlight the cutie throughout the week across our GrouchyPuppy network. We hope you'll help us spread the word of the availability of these senior dogs, and when you meet your own love match, adopt one. 

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Meet Samantha, from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Samantha is a gorgeous German Shepherd who was used as a breeding machine. In fact, when she arrived at the animal shelter, after being found wandering the streets in Oakland, her nipples were still swollen from having pups. Samantha is calm and gentle, gets along great with other animals and was even great at the vet's when getting her blood drawn! Samantha is about 7 years old. Her back end is weak and she is somewhat shy but she is OK with walks and loves pets and attention.

She is so beautiful, with her big brown soulful eyes. Samantha deserves all the good things in life and a family to love! That’s what her dreams are made of . . .

Samantha: http://www.muttville.org/mutt/samantha-1585

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