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Man tattoos pit bull: Is that animal cruelty?

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Vis CS Monitor

Man tattoos pit bull on the dog's belly. The North Carolina man received a firestorm of criticism from those who consider tattoos on a pit bull, or any other dog, cruelty.

Ernesto Rodriguez put a tattoo on his pit bull. Few people ever saw the inked crest since it was on the dog's belly. But when he posted it on his Facebook page, Mr. Rodriguez ignited a firestorm of criticism.

“You are an absolutely disgusting human being for claiming that you ‘love’ your dog and think that it’s ok to tattoo him.  Did he give you informed consent? No.  He’s a dog. You have no empathy for animals and should not be allowed to care for any and you should not be allowed to be a tattoo artist because you have poor ethics," wrote Stephanie Bay, according to the Guardian Express.

A military veteran and owner of a couple of pit bulls,Rodriguez told WXII12-TV in Winston-Salem, N.C., that the dog Duchess was asleep - sedated - and had a local anesthetic to boot. 

Do you have a strong opinion on this story? How do you feel about tattoos on dogs? Please leave us a comment. 

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Maui Humane Society Lets Tourists Help in New Ways

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Via Oregon Live

Here are even more reasons to visit Maui.

One of the most desirable vacation destinations in the U.S. now has a way for visitors to connect with pets.

Due to quarantine requirements, visitors rarely bother bringing their own pet to Maui. But that doesn't mean they won't get lonely for the love they left at home.

Starting in April, the Maui Humane Society will start the "Helping Paws Visitor Program.'' Island visitors can sign up to volunteer at the shelter from 1-4 p.m,. on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The facility is conveniently located along the highway between Kahului and Kihei.

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Maui, unfortunately, has more pets than it needs. It is an island, after all.  The Humane Society is looking for air travelers back to the Mainland to bring a pet with them. Sound crazy? Not at all, because they have it all figured out.

The Wings of Aloha program flies shelter animals to areas in the U.S. and Canada where, working in partnership with local rescue organizations, pets are guaranteed adoption _ particularly in communities with no animal overpopulation issues.

Over the past several months, nearly 200 homeless Maui pets have found families in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Canada through Wings of Aloha.

Read more about how you can help for free

Read more about the program at

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Even after her human gets clear biopsy results Daisy still detects breast cancer

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Via Mamas Latinas

Sometimes animals are way more perceptive than humans. That was the case when it came to Dr. Claire Guest and her Labrador, Daisy. After the usually calm dog began acting anxious and restless one day, Guest made a shocking discovery that changed her life.

The doctor had reportedly been in the process of training Daisy to detect cancer in patients when Guest says the dog suddenly began jumping on her. "One day she bumped into my chest with her nose," she said. "It was unusually sore, and there seemed to be a lump there." What Guest found after this incident shocked her...

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Since 2009 therapy dogs motivate kids at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

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Via Northside Neighbor

It was Christmas Eve 2009 and 3-year-old Emmy Mims had just had emergency surgery to remove an abdominal cyst and two more inches of her intestine.

Her doctor told her she must walk before leaving Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite in Sandy Springs, but she refused … until Casper helped her.

“We got her to stand up,” said mother Gillian Mims, of Woodstock. “We talked her into holding Casper’s leash. … We gave him the lead and she walked all around the hall, with Casper leading her.”

Casper, one of the four golden retrievers of the Children’s pet therapy programs, helped Emmy and the rest of the Mims family through a tough time, in and out of the hospital.

“That’s all she wanted to do, be with Casper,” Gillian said. “Unfortunately, in February 2010, we had to go back because of complications from the surgery. Immediately, Emmy wanted to see Casper.”

In 2009, Casper was the first therapy dog on staff.

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Big dog saves Virginia woman from mobile home fire

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Via Huffington Post

Sherry Spangler, who lives about two hours southwest of the nation's capital in Verona, Va., says Sassy the dog saved her life.

Spangler, whose possessions were not insured, lost most of what she owned -- only some pictures and a family Bible were saved, she told the News Leader on Tuesday; see the ravaged home for yourself in this News Leader video.

"And I’ve got my life,” she said.

The Red Cross furnished a motel room for three nights to Spangler and her 16-year-old son, who wasn't home at the time of the fire.


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Celebrate National (Grouchy) Puppy Day

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Some of our local rescues 

Today is about sharing all these amazing groups who try to save abandoned puppies, educate people about how bad puppy mills are and work hard to get pet stores to stop selling pets.

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Does research prove we can communicate without words to dogs?

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Via The Telepgraph

Scientists prove you really can tell what your dog is feeling by looking at its face

A study has shown that people are able to precisely identify a range of emotions in dogs from changes in their facial expressions.

The research showed that volunteers could correctly spot when a dog was happy, sad, angry, surprised or scared, when shown only a picture of the animal’s face, suggesting that humans are naturally attuned to detecting how animals are feeling.

Dr Tina Bloom, a psychologist who led the research, said: “There is no doubt that humans have the ability to recognise emotional states in other humans and accurately read other humans’ facial expressions. We have shown that humans are also able to accurately – if not perfectly – identify at least one dog’s facial expressions.

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52 Weeks of Cleo Project: Week 8


It's week eight of celebrating fabulous senior dogs! In case you missed it we decided 2013 would be a great year to offer you a cute photo of me every week. Enjoy and sign up for our mailing list if you want to get goodies delivered to your inbox, and follow GrouchyPuppy on Instagram!

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Reality Bites: A Day at the Dog Park


As someone who has lived in San Francisco for years, I know there are all types at dog parks. Just walking down a street, you can encounter all sorts of folks who fit various images that you'd expect to live here with a dog. However, we know silly, and we know exaggeration...the show Portlandia employs both.

Do you watch Portlandia? Is this scene a parody or reality? If you know, or just have an opinion tell us in the comments! 

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Abused Rescue Beagle-Pug Blend Enjoys Therapy Dog Career

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Via Inter-Mountain

Robin Mams of Elkins brought Lulu, a 5-year-old therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International, to visit the Buckhannon Rotary Club Tuesday.

Lulu has spent many hours visiting the elderly, handicapped children and students in elementary school reading programs. She is a beagle and pug mixed-breed dog.

To be recertified as a therapy dog each year, she has to make at least 25 visits, Mams said. Lulu was a rescue dog after she had been abused. Lulu was a stray that a neighbor had picked up. Mams adopted Lulu in 2008 because Lulu was in need of a good home, and Mams was looking for something to do after retiring.

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Pit Bull Dog Saves Foster Mom From Fire Gets Cute Name & Adopted

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Via Indy Channel

An Indiana woman says her heroic dog saved her from a fire.

Amy Donaldson was serving as a foster parent for Cherry, a pit bull, after a family decided not to adopt her the day before.

The next day, Donaldson was sleeping when Cherry began jumping up and licking her face until she woke up.

Donaldson said she noticed a space heater had caught fire and her home was filling with smoke.

"She's my favorite flavor of Life Saver, now. She's Cherry Life Saver," Donaldson said.

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