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Happy Birthday Broadway Barks Co-Founder Bernadette Peters!



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Bernadette Peters and Stella (photo credit:

Tip of the top hat today for Ms. Peters on her birthday! How does she look younger every year? Is it the singing and dancing? Having a dog? Whatever it is, we salute Ms. Peters and wish her loads of birthday wishes! 

Learn more about Broadway Barks, see great images from last year's event (LIFE+DOG was a media sponsor), and read this cute interview where we learn which famous person Stella looks like.

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Feb 17 SF Bulls Professional Hockey Hosts 'Pucks and Paws' Day

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San Francisco Bulls Host First Ever “Pucks and Paws”

The San Francisco Bulls Professional Hockey Team, proud affiliate of the San Jose Sharks, announced they will host Pucks and Paws day on Sunday, February 17 at 2:15 pm at the Cow Palace.

Fans can sign up to bring their dog to the game by clicking here. Everyone who purchases an advanced ticket to bring their dog will receive an SF Bulls Dog Bowl. Plus, the first 500 fans in attendance will receive a dog bowl.

For one game only, the SF Bulls are inviting you to come out to a game with your “best friend.” For just $41, get a seat for yourself and a spot for your dog in the elevated section of the Cow Palace. Watch the SF Bulls take on the Stockton Thunder and have your K-9 accompany you. 

In addition to watching the game, owners can participate in an on-ice Pooch Parade during an intermission. Show off your dog to the thousands in attendance.

Fans will not be allowed to bring their dog to the game without having signed up before the event. There is a limit of one dog per owner. Click here to sign up and bring your dog to the Bulls game on February 17. Additional seats for people in the same section are $35 each.


Individual tickets are now on sale. Click here to buy tickets and find out more or call 415-469-9843.

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Know the signs: Diabetic Shock in Dogs

We have a dog with diabetes. She was diagnosed over a year ago. I imagine compared to many, our experience has been relatively easy. We identified the symptoms fairly quickly. Our vet was fast with test results. Her insulin dosage was pretty seamless to adjust. The internet, friends and colleagues are a wealth of resources and encouragement. I definitely felt that we responded to this significant medical change in Cleo more quickly and effectively than our experience with her allergies.

However, for every one person who knows about diabetes in dogs, there are many who do not. They usually say, "Dogs can get diabetes? I had no idea!" That moment can stop you short. It makes me think of the dogs who are discarded at shelters, or whose life is cut short because their person had this reaction.

When your dog is a member of the family, and you fuss over their care the way many Americans do, it is hard to step back sometimes and remember that you are not infallible. Your dog clearly loves you, responding to all the thoughtful care-giving and attention you provide. But unless you are a vet, or vet tech, your training is from the point of view of a concerned and loving guardian. Like most of us.


Caring for a diabetic senior dog

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Cute Pit Bull Puppy Really Wants To Get On Treadmill

When I visited SF Puppy Prep, if I hadn't seen it then I wouldn't have believed how adorable puppies loved playing on a scooter. A kid's plastic scooter with wheels. They positively wrestled over who could get on it and scoot across the floor on its wheels.

SF Puppy Prep 2011
These puppies were a blur having their fun

Was it a fluke? I don't think so. Watch this video of the cutest Pit Bull puppy trying his or her hardest to [...]

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Dog Friendly Landscaping

Dog Friendly Landscaping (via

From The Magazine (page 1 of 2)   There’s nothing better than spending quality time outdoors with your family, including your dog. Follow these tips to create a backyard oasis that keeps your entire family happy, healthy, and sound.   You’ve probably received a chain e-mail once or twice touting…

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Photography Tips: Taking Outdoor Dog Pics

L+D Photo: Step Into The Shade (via

From The Magazine | L+D Photo Photography samples on this page are from LIFE+DOG contributing photographer Claudine Kosier of Simply Dog Photography. Find Claudine in Las Vegas and Columbus, Ohio and online at   This month’s photography tip can be used by anyone with any camera…

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