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Does Your Dog Eat Healthier than You?

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My dog's facial expressions can make me do things I know I shouldn't. Her eyes turn into tractor beams and in a moment, I'm leaning over the counter giving her a treat for "being so cute." Cleo is a senior dog, and she has diabetes. I know I need to be conscious of her diet, but sometimes it's hard to listen to my brain and not those sweet doggie eyes asking for a taste of what we're eating or cooking.

“Like people, dogs require a properly balanced diet to ensure they are receiving all of the nutrients necessary for proper health,” said Preston Buff, Ph.D., PAS, Dipl., Chief Natural Nutrition Officer at The Nutro Company.

Did you know that dogs are fed scraps under the table in 70% of households? According to a new survey by the makers of NUTRO® ULTRA™ Food for Dogs, I'm not alone in trying to do the right thing for Cleo's health and diet:

  • Only about half (54 percent) of owners say they feed their dog the exact serving size listed on the dog food packaging
  • 40 percent of dog owners rarely or never check the ingredients in their dog’s food
  • 36 percent of dogs eat dinner when their owners do
  • Only 29 percent of dogs follow an all-natural, holistic diet

Read the press release for more details.

Do you struggle with your dog's diet or does your dog eat healthier than you? How do you take to make your dog(s) nutritional health a priority? Share in the comments!

This post is written by a member of the Nutro Knowledge Network.

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