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Bickee and Mattie Happy Dogs in the Snow!

Puppystream digital dog park and new photo community

Dog lovers rejoice! Not only is it the most wonderful time of the year, it's the start of our holiday vacation, and around here that means lots of dog photos being shared between family and friends. We can't resist the cute!  What makes this winter even more exciting is we just discovered a virtual dog park called Puppystream. Drop the galoshes and snow shovel! is a fun new community for all the dog lovers out there who want to share photos of their dog, or see photos of other cute dogs, and we know they're out there! Did you know that there are over 12 million photos tagged #dog on Instagram? 


Puppystream is a community of dog lovers. A “Puppystreamer” is someone who really considers their dogs to be part of their lives and enjoys documenting and sharing it with others. 

It's easy to join in too, just add photos from Instagram, Facebook or your computer and easily share to Pinterest, Twitter and more. It features a search field for different breeds, including one of our favorites MUTT. If you don't have a dog, you can follow other cuties. On a rainy day like today, this virtual dog park is perfect! We got hooked on the "Show Me Another Pup" feature.

We sat down with the founders to learn more about this digital dog park and how it came to be:

There are other pet themed social networking sites and pet communities already established, how is Puppystream different? is the first photo-sharing network just for dog-lovers. Although there are many excellent hubs for the online pet community, we are the first ones really focused just on all the great photos people take and bringing them together.

Joann from Albany, NY the owner of Vinny the Jack Russell Terrier, loves Puppystream because “It’s a great way to chronicle his cute little life.”

Why do you think dogs and puppies are so popular?

There are two kinds of people on Puppystream and they speak to different reasons dogs and puppies are so popular.

On one hand, you have dog-owners, many of whom consider their dog a family member. With one in four American’s being a dog-owner all those little joys and challenges bring us together, it’s a common ground.

On the other you have dog-lovers who don’t have a dog of their own at the moment. They pet people’s dogs on the street, google “puppies” for a cute fix and use Puppystream to follow their dream dogs. It’s a feel good destination for some much needed cuteness.

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What made you decide to partner with this holiday season? is a great partner because of all the premium pet products they offer but mostly for their awesome service. Puppystream Co-Founder Patti Maciesz explains why she is a fan; “I absolutely love their dog-food delivery service. Every 6 weeks I get a new order of food for Sunny, poop bags and all. I don’t ever have to think about running that errand again.”

Has a dog made a positive impact on your life? How?

Puppystream Co-Founder Patti Maciesz has a very special dog in her life, Sunny. “When I was 16 all I wanted was a puppy. My mom reasoned with me about how much work and responsibility a dog was and tried to tell me I wasn’t ready. To prove how serious I was, I got a job and started saving up to show that I could support the dog financially. Low and behold that Christmas, I got the puppy I dreamed of. That yellow-lab pup who was the runt of the litter is still with me today! Twelve years later and she’s taught me so much about responsibility and the joys of being a pet-parent. She’s the reason I got so excited about Puppystream, finally a place to share all her photos with the world!”

Are there any causes or nonprofits you support, or feel drawn to give back to as a company?

Puppystream is so excited to invite shelters and adoption groups to the community. We know that one of the best ways we can help these great non-profits is offering them a platform to share their success stories. We are already thrilled to welcome some great partners and hope that your local shelter will share Puppystream with happy parents to share their pups new life in their forever home.

Any plans for a "kitten stream" in the future?

Oh yes. Right now we look forward to focusing on bringing dog-lovers the best place to share photos- once we have that perfected we’ll bring Kittystream to the world!

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