Look Who's Talking! Cute Baby and Dog Debate
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This first week of December is when I scramble to find a new way to Zazzle up an image of my dog Cleo. She is so photogenic, and like many dog lovers, I take endless photos throughout the year of her being cute. This week is my time to finally choose one to share with family, the nice people who make up Team Cleo*, and yes, the few left in the world who need to be persuaded that she is more bark than love bite these days.

If you missed my previous posts that included them, *Team Cleo is made up of the wonderful people who care for my dog periodically. They are those she has sleepovers with, Mary who takes Cleo to the park with a crew of small dog friends, and even a nice lady from my hometown who has never met Cleo in person but feel in love with the photos I've shared of Cleo over the years.

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