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Cleo: After 84 months ..

Cleo - November 2005

We're celebrating 84 months with Cleo, our adopted dog. I prefer to calculate our time together in months because in a good way it feels like forever, and eighty four is bigger than seven. The number seven seems way too short and brief.  

The only thing that still exists after 84 months from the first photo.. is Cleo, and my fleece vest. The photo above is what she looked like the weekend we brought her home. We naturally took to her to our neighborhood farmer's market to show her off that first Saturday. Cleo still loves to throw down her "clam shell" move, only that back leg doesn't go as high, nor stay up as long. 

After 84 months, and as a full of sass senior dog, Cleo looks pretty good. Considering how many bad habits I'm sure I passed along, and my "learn as you go" method for her care, I think she is happy and pretty healthy.

After 84 months this is Cleo today, on her mission to influence positively the world, starting with our neighborhood in San Francisco. I may not be good at caring for houseplants, but being the guardian of this dog is another story. She teaches me to appreciate the simple beauty of every day life. She makes me a better person. 

November 9 is our homecoming day for Cleo, celebrate with us. Join my fundraiser for Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS), and make a donation of any amount.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

Visit all the sweet old dogs and find your new best buddy:

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Check out the senior pets Best Friends Animal Society

Use Petfinder to find a senior pet, or

Go local like we did, and search the SF-SPCA

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