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Need an injection of love? Senior dogs deposit joy!

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How is it my older dog seems to know when I need quiet time with her? She can sense when my need for affection is front and center. What if you're feeling a little low on affection, where do you turn? 

This month is about celebrating senior pets, and I'd add, celebrating the love of a senior dog. 

Have you been fortunate enough to have a senior dog or cat in your life? Cleo is my first one, and I'm hooked. In this relationship, she is a four-legged advocate teaching me how to accept the aging process.

For every commercial about Botox, my old dog is there showing me that you can be cute and wrinkly. Her furrowed brows are one of her best features!
Cleo's sweet furrowed brows

Don't Worry. Be Happy! 

How can an old dog be an asset?

  • She is a seasoned pro when it comes to carving her path through a crowd to find that one person who needs her the most.
  • She is a dog whose practiced instinct points her in the direction of a deficit. Not like a financial debt but the emotional sort.
  • Cleo knows who needs a dose love. She will find this person, and stand realclose.
  • Her unique style of delivery includes leaning into you, for what seems like ages. It feels like she is transferring her affection through touch.

As a big dog, you have to plant your feet or her "love" might knock you over. And after she loves you, a gift of fur is left on your clothes. I think it is her way of giving away her love in a tangible form, ensuring it will stick with you for months. You pick off a hair in the future, and consider the lesson she passed on: acceptance of aging, peace and tranquility of quiet time on a park bench is a good thing, and growing old is inevitable so enjoy the ride.

Want to gain wisdom and peace from an senior dog?

You can adopt a senior dog by visiting Petfinder or The Humane Society of the United States to find a local shelter, adoption or rescue group near you.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

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