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What's so great about Cleo?

This Shepherd-Husky dog is a force of nature. From day one, she demanded that we participate in her life, and in return, seven years on, she etched herself into ours. As a senior dog Cleo is slowing down, but her personality remains at full tilt.


Did you watch Seinfeld? Remember the episode where the comedian Kenny Bania tells Jerry about how great the soup is at Mindy's, and he declares it "The best Jerry, the best!" That's how I feel about my dog.

Some people think old dogs are boring, but that isn't true. I suspect the person saying or thinking this thought is the one who is boring. How can you be bored with a dog who can cat-nap one minute, then at the slightest sound outside, give a full-throated guard dog bark?

What's so great about Cleo? She doesn't hesitate to show joy. Her display of joy can be a happy face or a full wallop from her paw. She doesn't ask for much: the occasional cuddle; a place to do her business; time to smell the neighborhood; food; and a soft bed. In my book, this makes Cleo pretty great.

Do you have a senior dog too? What makes them great? Share with us in the comments!

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