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There are times when we wish Cleo would let us dress her up for Halloween. Boooo. However this senior dog doesn't like it, and now we're at a stage where her handful of tricks get her treats year-round.

Just because Cleo doesn't want to join in the holiday doesn't mean we still can't have some fun this Halloween. Check out this super cute Halloween contest hosted by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.

SDF Search Dog Jack-o-Lantern Contest

To enter, go to the Search Dog Foundation's Facebook Page or the SDF's website, and pick your favorite search dog's picture.  

SDF - Justice
Sweet Justice makes a great model!
After you pick your model, then try your best to carve that design into your pumpkin.

SDF - Ellie
Depending on how good you are at carving, I think deciding on a photo could be the hardest part of the contest! There are so many happy and cute faces to choose from, like Ellie above. How will you decide?

After you finish carving: Send SDF a photo of your pumpkin creation, and why you picked that Search Dog. 

The winner will be selected on Halloween by SDF's staff and will receive free SDF gear!

Check out more contest details here.

Which SDF Search Dog will you choose?


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