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Having dog helps Australian families get exercise


THE family pooch is more than man's best friend - Fido is also keeping off the paunch.
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Research suggests dogs are a major motivator for keeping fit and fighting puppy fat in kids.

About 85 per cent of owners credit their canine for encouraging them to get outside and walk, Galaxy research reveals.

And half of those with children aged 5 to 17 said their kids got more exercise and outdoor activity than they would without a dog.

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"It was horrible, but we saw his potential" Search and Rescue Training gives German Shepherd new Life


The 3-year-old German shepherd has passed his window jumps, tracking and commands. Diesel just received his disaster and wilderness certification for Monroe City Search and Rescue. He's joined handlers Rich Enochs and Kate Sidun on the only search-and-rescue team for the Missouri State Fire Association's Region B. While Diesel hasn't made a rescue yet, his heart is willing and his drive is evident.

"I know he would put himself in harm's way to help someone else," Enochs said. "Nothing's going to stop him."

While Diesel had the genes for heroics, he hadn't always had the opportunity. When Sidun and Enochs adopted the pup from Missouri German Shepherd Rescue, Diesel's attitude was just as bad as his future was bleak. Sidun recalled his uncontrollable outbursts, his tendency to snap at pedestrians and several occasions when he nearly ripped his walking leash in two. His fierce temper was one reason he was slated to be euthanized. The shelter couldn't handle him, and few thought anyone else would.

"It was horrible, but we saw his potential, and we knew what his parents were," Sidun said.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Speeds Recovery for Snake-Bit Dog


LAKELAND | Dante, a black lab, is a hero to his family and a minor celebrity at SPCA Florida in South Lakeland.

He's the first patient treated by the SPCA clinic's new hyperbaric oxygen equipment, which uses oxygen to speed wound healing.

Dante sustained his wounds — bites on his face and left leg — while saving Gudrun Mastriano, his temporary guardian, from a poisonous snake. They encountered the cottonmouth water moccasin at a park in Kissimmee, she told SPCA workers.

"It could have been me," Mastriano said. "Dante came in front of me and pulled the snake away."

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What makes your city dog friendly?

What makes your city dog friendly? What do you need to make you want to live there with your dog, rather than just visit? Is there a difference in friendliness?

My neighborhood of San Francisco is very dog friendly. We have parks where dogs and children share space, and parks specifically for dogs or children. Across town certain neighborhoods roll out the welcome mat for people with dogs, by putting water bowls outside their business or keeping treats at the cash register. Some shops don't mind if you walk into their store with your pup and will have a sign in the window saying "Dogs Welcome."

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North Carolina Physician Donates Pet Oxygen Masks to Fire Departments

image from

Via High Country Press 

Dr. Leslie Smith with FryeCare Physicians in Boone donated pet oxygen masks to the local fire departments during fire safety week. The masks are used to help animals breathe better in the event of a fire. They are specifically sized for each type of pet.

This allows the mask to fit closer on the pet’s mouth so that they receive the oxygen that’s coming out better than if a human mask was used on an animal. Without the proper amount of oxygen during fires, pets are at a higher risk for death.

As a burn survivor herself, she has a passion to help with fire prevention and safety.

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UK Paddle boarder heroically rescues stranded Shih Tzu puppy!


Paddling furiously through choppy waters off the Kent coast, extreme rower Charlie Head was almost on the closing stretch of a gruelling bid to row 600-miles from Cornwall to London.

But when the 'gobsmacked' 33-year-old spotted a bedraggled Shih Tzu puppy stranded on rocks, he dropped all thoughts of his endurance challenge and swiftly changed course to pluck the terrified animal from the rising water and safely onto his paddle board.

Mr Head, who said the dog - called Bam Bam - would have been submerged within ten minutes had he not spotted him, even captured video footage of the heroic rescue thanks to a camera fitted in his helmet.

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Why celebrate shelter dogs? Guess where Cleo came from..

Why celebrate shelter dogs? Guess where Cleo came from..October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Most shelter dogs are not broken, they are discarded. This is why many people and organizations care about making cities, states and our entire country, no-kill. Compared to when I was a kid, more people understand that dogs we find at rescues, shelters, humane societies, and animal centers are there because a family or a person didn't want them anymore. We've made progress. Today more communities have rescues and family friendly animal centers than the cold, and brutal looking pounds.

Cleo is the face of a shelter dog

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Weight. Wait! Weight? October is National Pet Wellness Month

Bet you never thought that one benefit from having a dog, especially a senior dog, would be your new found awareness of fiber, antioxidants, omega 3s and coconut oil.

Something I love about having a dog is that she not only teaches me about growing old gracefully, but she frequently gets me to go through mental checklists. Is she getting enough fiber? How much fiber am I getting? Is it time to change the supplements for her hips and dry skin or add more? Should I be taking a daily baby aspirin? We owe it to ourselves and our furry companions to spend a little time asking questions about our own health. 

October is National Pet Wellness Month. The holidays and cold winter months are ahead, this is the perfect time to stop and consider your dog's health, and yours too. Besides..isn't taking a "wellness day" a lot more fun than a "sick day?"

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Sad Updated News: Body Recovered of Bert the Lost Chihuahua

Until you hear, as a dog lover, my heart always hopes for good news when it comes to lost dogs. Sadly that isn't the case for Bert, the lost Chihuahua. He'd been lost since October 7 near Fort Funston, and his Addison's Disease made his search and recovery all the more urgent. His body was found Saturday October 20. Grateful Dog Rescue just made the announcement:

Our lovely little Bert's body was found Saturday morning in the dunes of Ft Funston by a dog walker. We waited until now to make the announcement until we were able to notify all of the people that were closest to Bert. RIP little guy!


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Missing for Two Weeks Social Media Reunites Dogs With Family

image from
Via ABC News

When Penny Blackwell came home from work on the evening of Sept. 25, her visiting parents told that her two golden retrievers, 4-year-old Baxter and 6-year-old Bailey, were missing.

Blackwell’s husband had taken the dogs swimming that morning, then put them on a double leash and left them outside for a few minutes. When he came back, they were gone.

She looked for the dogs for days, and posted announcements on Facebook.

“I had truly lost hope that I would ever see them again and I just think it’s amazing that I got them back and I really think that if it weren’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t have gotten them back,” she said. “Everybody that saw that on Facebook was messaging me, texting me, calling me offering to help. The support was just unbelievable, from total strangers.”

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National Disaster Search Dog Foundation Halloween Contest

There are times when we wish Cleo would let us dress her up for Halloween. Boooo. However this senior dog doesn't like it, and now we're at a stage where her handful of tricks get her treats year-round.

Just because Cleo doesn't want to join in the holiday doesn't mean we still can't have some fun this Halloween. Check out this super cute Halloween contest hosted by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.

SDF Search Dog Jack-o-Lantern Contest

To enter, go to the Search Dog Foundation's Facebook Page or the SDF's website, and pick your favorite search dog's picture.  

SDF - Justice
Sweet Justice makes a great model!

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"He's heaven" Adopted dog saves couple’s newborn daughter


Jenna Brousseau, the dog’s owner, says she and her husband were startled Sunday night when their dog “Duke” jumped onto their bed and started shaking so much, it woke the couple up. Brousseau said it was odd behavior for the dog and since Duke seemed anxious and worried, they decided to check on their newborn daughter. Upon entering the nursery, the couple found their baby inside her crib, not breathing.

Brousseau says they called 911 who was able to revive their daughter, but they credit her true survival to their scrappy dog.

Brousseau told KSDK News, “He’s the perfect dog. He was meant to be ours, and meant to be hers. I tell him all the time you were born in mommy’s heart, just because he was so meant to be ours. He’s heaven. He’s a good boy.”

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Pet oxygen masks: breathing life into animals


As Fire Safety Week approaches, Garden City Fire Department is boasting about one of their newest safety equipment: pet oxygen masks. “We are really thankful to have them because there was such a need. With the human oxygen masks we were using, it wasn’t covering and closing [on the pet’s mouth], so they’re not getting that oxygen that’s coming out,” firefighter Amy Headrick said.

Without the proper amount of oxygen during fires, pets are at a higher risk for death. Many fire departments don’t have animal oxygen masks. One kit costs around $80, but it’s a price a group of local veterinaries is willing to pay.

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