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Why a Senior Dog Could be Your Perfect Match | It's Petfinder's "Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet" Week

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September 17-23, 2012 join in Petfinder's "Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet" Week

Some people seem to believe that there are senior dogs who are "less adoptable." I don't know anyone who has met my old dog Cleo that would say or believe that. However, to promote these senior sweethearts, and other incredibly special animals, has designated September 17-23, 2012 as “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week”.

In case you were wondering if I was lying about my sweet and adorable old dog, let me present her photo..

Sleepy sweet senior dog alert!


..and after the jump, a few thoughts on why a senior dog could be the perfect match for you too...

Why a senior dog might be just right for you

My life got so much better when my dog Cleo came into it. We're so grateful the San Francisco SPCA picked her up from a shelter up north and brought her to the city.

Seven years together have flown by! She was the piece of the puzzle that my husband and I didn't even know we were missing. From the start she had us learning about how smart she was. She showed us that she could lift the dish drainer out of the sink if left alone for too long. She supported our efforts at composting, by sharing the contents of a milk carton filled with food scraps and coffee grounds across our bed, when we forgot to put the carton back outside once.

Fast forward and Cleo is now proving that senior dogs actually do rule. 

  • She power naps
  • No more counter surfing
  • She hasn't stopped telling us when she needs to go outside
  • No more racing down the hallway at breakneck speed
  • She plays like a sleepy puppy
  • Her food allergies actually got us into eating better foods
  • We all get to sleep in on those rainy mornings
  • She is inquisitive but her greeting of other dogs only got better
  • Her fan base in the neighborhood increases each year, they have watched her age & admire her for doing it so prettily
  • She proves that a little trust and confidence goes far with a dog
  • Living with an old dog has taught us about aging gracefully
  • Senior dogs have nothing to prove, just ask the little dogs in the neighborhood who've met Cleo
  • Senior dogs teach empathy to people of all ages, as everyone who meets Cleo learns.


Adopting Cleo as an adult was one of the best decisions we ever made. Now that she is a senior dog, she is reminding us of how amazing dogs are, how they give fearlessly and influence positively. Consider adopting a senior dog, and enjoy the quiet love they offer. Give a senior dog a cozy bed, and a forever home, and feel the warmth of doing the right thing for another being. will be featuring a gallery of “less adoptable” pets on their website during this event to highlight just how many pets need to be given a chance at a forever home. This year, Petfinder has nearly 1000 shelter-nominated pets - a record number - of “less adoptables” in their gallery! 

For more information, visit the “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week” home page on

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