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San Francisco is filled with moms, babies and dogs. My neighborhood of Noe Valley has major stroller patrol throughout the day. Have you seen the pile up in front of the branch library on Tuesdays during story hour? 

Mr. Mom
Mr. Mom does it all. Look at those bags besides the baby and dog.

Eagle eyes, and eyes in the back of their head. I would like to invite all moms out there, with or without dogs, to keep an eye out for poop. My idea is that since so many moms carry totes with enough odds and ends they'd win hundreds of dollars being an audience member on Let's Make a Deal, I bet they have a spare little bag. You only need a little one to pick up most dog poop. Forgotten and abandoned dried old poop from small city dogs is maybe two tablespoons in size. My big Shepherd-Husky blend poops are bigger but they still fit in a quart size baggie or less.

Moms make magic happen

I'm asking for the help of San Francisco moms and Mr. Moms. They know how to rally together, and make magic happen. Moms care. Poop isn't something they want their babies touching. Moms know that poop fairies sadly don't exist in the real world. In my neighborhood, the amount of poop left abandoned isn't too scary yet. If we can get moms involved, then poop will vanish completely never to return!

Smart. Considering the higher than average number of moms in San Francisco with college degrees, I bet these moms already know that anything that goes into our city sewer, travels directly into the San Francisco Bay. This is what the blue waves mean on the sidewalk corner above the metal leaf-strewn grates. Whatever goes into those grates flows nonstop to the waters along Crissy Field and Fisherman's Wharf. They don't go into the waste treatment facilities, like our toilets.

Moms are sisters and daughters. I know my sister wouldn't hesitate to tell our 80-year-old mother to pick up her dog's poop. My sister is a very protective mom and has eagle eyes. She lets no family member or friend slide on stuff like that. I know. 

Do you have an elderly neighbor whose little dog walks behind them? I've seen a little dog whose elderly person has her head in the clouds while her dog pooped on the sidewalk. The lady was on the other end of the leash, but still not connected to this dog. The lady never looked back, just waited ahead until the leash retracted as the dog walked up to her. She was as if she was on a stroll by herself, with the little attention she paid the dog.

Come on moms, I know you would have just the exact words for someone like that. Moms have to deliver bad or awkward news to their kids all the time. I know moms have an arsenal of soft yet truthful ways to tell someone of any age that they need to pick up their dog's poop.

Calling all moms. If we could get concerned moms to add their eagle eyes and spare bag to this cause, we can bring an end to abandoned poop. Moms don't want to step in poop. They care about the environment. They want a clean city for their children. They don't want their nanny or au pair to roll their stroller wheels over poop. And they certainly would move heaven and earth to keep their baby from ever coming into contact with dog poop.

Therefore I'm calling all moms, please get involved. Use that spare bag in your tote to pick up abandoned poop. Use your clever mom words to get that poop picked up. I see moms everywhere in this city, and we know you're smart! Please use your mom power and help!

Cleo and I thank you, and yes, we carry spare poop bags. If you ever see us, and need one, ask!

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