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Dog therapy reduces stress, brings peace to Hospice patients


By Erin Wiltgen, News of Orange staff writer

The dying woman smiled as she sat, her husband on one side and the white-haired golden retriever named Aspen on the other. Always an animal lover, she asked Duke University Hospital to send a therapy dog for her final moments.

And the effect was startling.

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Help Sweet Dog Bullwinkle Find New Home | Bay Area (CA)

Meet Bullwinkle! His guardian passed away recently. Friends and relatives who know Bullwinkle are trying to rehome him in the Bay Area rather than take him to a shelter. 


He's a really cute dog who loves to play! He is a two year old Great Dane mix. He weighs around 65 lbs. He has all of his shots and he's neutered. He's a high energy, loving dog. He's good around kids, loves chewy toys, and laying around the house. He should be in a one animal home.

He's currently in the Stockton, California area but can be transported elsewhere within the Bay Area. 

If you are interested please call or email Olivia. He's a sweet dog!


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Nevada massage therapist, yoga instructor takes her practice to the dogs


The popular yoga position downward-facing dog takes new meaning with Kristen Corral. With her, dogs participate.

Corral is a certified animal yoga instructor and massage therapist. She has done sessions with dogs, cats, horses and even snakes.

About a year ago, the southwest-area resident started Little White Dog Co., which provides services such as pet-sitting, walking, feeding and medicating, as well as massages and yoga instruction.

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Senior Dog Owner

Guest Post Friday is our series which shares funny pet bloggers, and smart dog lovers, pet industry influencers and animal advocates. With lots of fascinating people involved in making a difference in the lives of animals this is our way of sharing them across the Grouchy Puppy community. 

Today our friend A.J. from I Still Want More Puppies returns, with a list of comments and questions she hopes never to hear again about her Bella or any senior dog. Her sweet Bella is along for the ride, showing her support with two choice photos. To read more about pup culture and pop culture in A.J.'s tongue-in-cheek style, check out her blog. Her motto may be Puppies = serenity now, but don't let it fool you, she actually likes adopting adult dogs. And while you're at, read her previous post she wrote for us about the many reasons you should adopt an older dog.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Senior Dog Owner

Chances are that one day you will encounter someone who owns a senior dog (or you have already). You’ll innocently ask the dog’s age. Upon learning that the dog is no longer a spring chicken (or a spring puppy, I suppose), what will you say?

Bella keeps a list

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Ottawa girl dog walkers raising money for Humane Society


They were my angels from heaven,” said Liz Stepniewicz, who was recovering from a neck surgery and a hip replacement.

During her recovery, Stepniewicz was unable to take care of her dog, Penny, until she found a flyer in her mailbox.

Two 11 year olds and a 9 year old decided to start a dog walking business to make some money.

“I really like to walk dogs and be around them,” said Clair Guy. “So I thought we should do a dog walking business.”

“The dogs need to be walked. I couldn’t do it.” said Stepniewicz. "Penny is thrilled. She sees the girls coming and she bounces all over the place.”

The girls charge $4 for every 20 minutes. Twenty per cent of their profit goes to the Humane Society.

Penny is a rescue dog so the idea of some of her money going to the Humane Society thrilled her.

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Atlanta vet clinic offers senior pet adoption program

My Fox Atlanta

By Gurvir Dhindsa, Good Day Atlanta anchor

ATLANTA - Seniors looking for companionship are turning to a special matchmaker, and for many they're finding it's puppy love all over again.

When 74-year-old Polly Hall goes somewhere, her friend Wilma, a 12-year-old dog, isn't far behind.

"She is just a joy to have," said Hall.

As a senior, Hall was used to being on her own. A few months ago, her granddaughter convinced her a dog might be good for her.

"You've got someone to take care of. You know you have to be responsible. She's really a joy to take care of, too," said Hall.

Wilma, a breast cancer survivor, came into Hall's life through the Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program at Crabapple Knoll Veterinary Clinic.

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7-year-old Lhasa Apso saves his 81-year old owner


Toby, a seven-year-old Lhasa Apso, proved he was man’s best friend when he came to the rescue of his 81-year-old owner Derek Ramsden.

Mr Ramsden was on holiday in Wales with his wife, Ada, 71, and their dogs Toby and Bruno, an 18-year-old Staffie Cross.

He was walking the dogs in a wooded area of the Brynowen Holiday Park, Borth, Aberystwyth, when he slipped.

Mr Ramsden, of St George’s Crescent, Lee Mount, lost his footing by a bridge over a stream and plunged into thick mud, last week.

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Influence Positively Story: People, pets get help in Project Homeless Connect


On a fixed income, Deborah Ruffin said she has enough to pay for a small room but still needs help with food and other items.

She got just that Thursday during the annual Project Homeless Connect, a four-hour, one-stop oasis for homeless and poor people -- plus their furry four-legged companions.

The third annual event at the Union Baptist Church in Vallejo drew more than 100 people, plus a small band of volunteers to hand out sleeping bags and bags of goodies, plus help out with health care, legal issues and food stamps.

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Maryland-based group help teachers pay for classroom pets that enrich students

Teaching children empathy benefits all of society. Programs like this one in Maryland can help kids learn empathy and teach them early to respect all animals.


LOS ANGELES — For many children, their first pet is a virtual one.

Experts say many children who enter the first grade can play video games but few have a pet to play with. And teachers say that’s a shame, considering how animals — real ones — can enrich a child’s upbringing.

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Even in Magical San Francisco Poop Fairies Don't Exist

San Francisco is filled with moms, babies and dogs. My neighborhood of Noe Valley has major stroller patrol throughout the day. Have you seen the pile up in front of the branch library on Tuesdays during story hour? 

Mr. Mom
Mr. Mom does it all. Look at those bags besides the baby and dog.

Eagle eyes, and eyes in the back of their head. I would like to invite all moms out there, with or without dogs, to keep an eye out for poop. My idea is that since so many moms carry totes with enough odds and ends they'd win hundreds of dollars being an audience member on Let's Make a Deal, I bet they have a spare little bag. You only need a little one to pick up most dog poop. Forgotten and abandoned dried old poop from small city dogs is maybe two tablespoons in size. My big Shepherd-Husky blend poops are bigger but they still fit in a quart size baggie or less.

Moms make magic happen

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Win Nutro Natural Choice Dog Biscuits

Having a diabetic dog with allergies motivated me to learn more about her nutritional needs. Honestly, I spend more time reading labels and watching over her stomach than I do my own. Anyone with a dog who has special dietary needs knows what we're going through, and so does the Nutro Company.

We have two bags of the new NATURAL CHOICE® dog biscuits to give away to two lucky readers. If you have a dog with a sensitive stomach or a furry best buddy who has packed on the pounds, this special giveaway is just for you!

Nutro Co. Natural Choice All Natural Biscuits

These biscuits are all-natural with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and no artificial preservatives! One lucky winner will get a bag of NATURAL CHOICE® Lite Adult Biscuits. These low in fat and calories biscuits aids in weight maintenance for overweight and less active dogs. Another winner will receive a bag of NATURAL CHOICE® Sensitive Stomach Adult Biscuits Chicken & Whole Brown Rice Recipe. These biscuits are fortified with whole grains and pumpkin, a natural antioxidant source.



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Firefighters get oxygen masks sized for pets


Breathe easy, pet owners. If Fluffy or Spot is rescued from your burning home, Brandon firefighters will have a properly fitted oxygen mask to help them recover.

The two masks, donated to Brandon Fire and Emergency Services today, will be carried at each of the Brandon fire halls, and will allow firefighters to give oxygen to animals that are suffering from smoke inhalation.

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More pet-friendly senior care communities cheer the elderly


Shirley Skirvin's retirement community has its share of grumblings about aches and pains. But Skirvin, 78, who lives with her husband, Sid, in an independent living facility, has found a reliable if unintentional way to coax her neighbors out of their gloom: walking the grounds with her 6-pound toy poodle, Spunky.

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Why a Senior Dog Could be Your Perfect Match | It's Petfinder's "Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet" Week

image from
September 17-23, 2012 join in Petfinder's "Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet" Week

Some people seem to believe that there are senior dogs who are "less adoptable." I don't know anyone who has met my old dog Cleo that would say or believe that. However, to promote these senior sweethearts, and other incredibly special animals, has designated September 17-23, 2012 as “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week”.

In case you were wondering if I was lying about my sweet and adorable old dog, let me present her photo..

Sleepy sweet senior dog alert!


..and after the jump, a few thoughts on why a senior dog could be the perfect match for you too...

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Sept 15 is Responsible Dog Ownership Day

How do you make your dog's health a priority? When we first adopted our dog, I simply fed her the way my mom had fed our dogs when I was a child. Like many people, I copied what my parents did before I began to learn about my dog's individual needs and personality. As we got to know her, we figured out what she liked, but we also figured out what she needed. As she has aged, and her nutrition needs have changed, because we took an active role in what she ate, Cleo has managed to live a pretty healthy and active life.

President of the Clean Plate Club
Cleo cleans her plate

September 15 may be called Responsible Dog Ownership Day, but we see it as "being responsible people because we have a dog day." If you know Cleo, then you know we could never "own" her. We're lucky to have her.

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