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Sept 15 is Responsible Dog Ownership Day

How do you make your dog's health a priority? When we first adopted our dog, I simply fed her the way my mom had fed our dogs when I was a child. Like many people, I copied what my parents did before I began to learn about my dog's individual needs and personality. As we got to know her, we figured out what she liked, but we also figured out what she needed. As she has aged, and her nutrition needs have changed, because we took an active role in what she ate, Cleo has managed to live a pretty healthy and active life.

President of the Clean Plate Club
Cleo cleans her plate

September 15 may be called Responsible Dog Ownership Day, but we see it as "being responsible people because we have a dog day." If you know Cleo, then you know we could never "own" her. We're lucky to have her.

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Part of caring for Cleo is making sure we are involved in her health and nutrition. We read, ask our vet questions and we regularly look at the various treats and foods she's eating. Her health is our priority. The Nutro Company makes health and nutrition a priority as well, and developed new NATURAL CHOICE® formulas. Read this to learn more about the new formulations.


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