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'Not So' Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Justice the Search Dog

It's impossible to be completely wordless today because our spotlight is on Justice, the National Search Dog Foundation (SDF) dog of the month. This sweet dog was rescued from a shelter south of San Francisco after being discovered by the mother of an SDF Trainer. SDF rescues unwanted dogs from shelters across the country, who then undergo six months of training to help advance obedience skills, disaster search skills and gain the confidence and trust they need by forming a special bond with their handler. SDF trainers immediately recognized Justice's polite, eager-to-please attitude and his talent for searching. 


Jeff Leon and Justice
In June 2011 firefighter Jeff Leon and Justice were matched up. 
“He’s such a pleasure to work with – such an honest, good dog,” said SDF Trainer Kellee Matthews. “He loves the search game and has no idea it is work!”

In June 2011, this very special Search Dog was paired with firefighter Jeff Leon of the Tulsa Fire Department. Immediately it was clear that these two had similar personalities and worked very well together. Justice trains daily with Jeff and has settled in well at home in Broken Arrow, OK with Jeff's three children.

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Learn more information about the Search Dog Foundation and Nutro's involvement in the program.


This post was written by a Nutro Knowledge Network Member and sponsored by the Nutro Company. 


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