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Old dogs have a giant in their corner

As everyone who reads Grouchy Puppy knows, our muse Cleo is an old dog now. You probably have also noticed that we kind of love her a lot, and would do anything for her. Being a San Franciscan, we are huge Giants fans, and in 2010 stood in the streets for hours cheering each of them after they won the World Series. Today, it makes us really proud to learn that a Giant has swooped down to lend support to old dogs in San Francisco.

Tim Timmy Sherri Muttville
Sherri cheers as Giant's Pitcher Tim Lincecum swoops up Timmy before the first pitch.

Old dogs now have a giant in their corner

Three months ago, popchips created an online "game changers" contest with 15 sports stars around the nation. Folks were to tell popchips why the local sports star should support a cause, and "chip in" for the organization. And then, vote some more. Two weeks later they had the top five nonprofits who would get the star's consideration. Muttville made it to the top five with some pretty impressive groups: Make A Wish, Leukemia/Lymphoma, United Way and SF's Animal Care & Control. Wow, how do you choose? The local sports star who received the "pitch" was Giants Pitcher Tim "Timmy" Lincecum. Sherri Franklin, and her talented volunteers, wrote in 100 words or less, how Tim could chip in his time to help Timmy the dog, find a new home. This is their winning pitch:
Tim, help get timmy adopted, a long haired unwanted mixed breed dog. bring him on the field pre-game and allow timmy to have exposure on the scoreboard! this dog will find a home. many more muttville senior dogs over the age of seven might with your involvement. imagine what it would be like for cy or kayo if you could no longer take care of them and there was no one else in your life as a backup. muttville would take them in and match him with a new parent because every dog deserves a new beginning.

On Sunday July 1st, Timmy, a long-haired blended dog, took to the diamond before the Cincinnati Reds game, raising awareness that there are old dogs in shelters deserving of a new beginning.

Timmy wearing Tim's #55
Timmy wearing Tim's #55

"What can I do for you?"

What Tim Lincecum did for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue is not only help get Timmy a new home, but he used his popularity to raise awareness about the plight of old dogs. He is the only pitcher to have won two Cy Young awards in his first two seasons, and he helped lead the Giants to the World Series title in his third season in 2010. How else did Tim give back to his community, and help Muttville? Tim autographed wood chuck-its and balls for the upcoming Moolah for Mutts auction on July 21st. Tim also shared with Sherri that his two French bulldogs dogs at home, Cy & Kayo, were named after his two Cy Young awards and grandfather respectively. Awwww.

Sunday's home plate presentation

Watch the video to see the field presentation in front of Giant's fans with Muttville's "Timmy" video playing on the Jumbotron.


Learn more about Muttville and how you can help old dogs have a forever home too. Visit:

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