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Why demonizing a dog breed is wrong | Exhibit A

This incredible story about Lilly the pit bull will pull at your heart strings. I hope it will also be a clear example of why we need to stop demonizing dog breeds.

Having grown up with many Doberman Pinchers during the 1970's, and at the height of their demonization, I speak from personal experience - dogs are amazing and loving creatures. Learn more breed specific legislation, and why it is an ineffective approach to regulating dogs' behavior in communities. 


Pit bull saves owner from freight train

(NECN: Julie Loncich) – Surrounded by pictures of her family and furry friends, 8-year-old Lily likely can't begin to comprehend just how much she means to David Lanteigne.

"If it wasn't for Lily she wouldn't be here right now," said David Lanteigne.

Last week in Shirley, Mass., David's mother, Christine, Lily's owner, fell on railroad tracks as a freight train was barreling toward her. Lily reacted quickly.

"Lily was either pushing or pulling her, trying to get her off the tracks. The conductor said there wasn't enough time and at one point Lily ran around to the front and took the hit of the train for my mother," said Lanteigne.

David's mother wasn't hurt and Lily survived, but she was critically injured, damaging her hind leg and liver, shattering her pelvis, and over the weekend, her front leg was amputated.

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