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Necessary car rides and soothing the savage beast

Tomorrow morning, we are taking our dog in to the vet for a check-up. This check-up is special because it is with her specialist, a vet Dermatology Specialist.

Unfortunately, Dr. Reinke DVM resides about an hour north of the city, and that means a car ride for Cleo. If you have followed Cleo's adventures for awhile, you may already know that she considers car rides about as much fun as having her bed move while she's on it, getting her nails trimmed or a bath.

Pondering her fate, Cleo listens to the garage door open
Unlike cutting her paw fur, we can't stop the car every five minutes. Since I'm not driving I will limber up my shoulders so that I can reach back to pet her along the way. What else is there?
  • Bring her favorite treats
  • Arrive early so we can go for a spin and potty break
  • Keep our voice calm and soothing
  • Have water and a collapsable water bowl ready

Any other suggestions for soothing the savage beast, or for that matter, our own Thomas the Tank furry steam engine?

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