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Happy Birthday Sadie!

Sassy and sweet Sadie, a Mini-Labradoodle, turned three yesterday, and we're sending this local cutie some special belated birthday love. 

Birthday Girl Sadie

Sadie is the pride and joy of Joan Walsh, political writer and editor-at-large of Salon.com. Joan shared this sweet comment about her puppy growing up, "those puppy years are gone -- but she'll still chase a ball 'til she can't breathe anymore." Ha! Well, Joan won't have to worry about Sadie keeping her girlish figure.

Though increasingly busy with the presidential election now under way, it's great to see Joan still has time to take her precious little Sadie for urban adventures and trips to the local puppy park!

Maybe Sadie will return the love and give Joan one of these Mother's Day cards? We'll have to check the next time we run into them.

Happy Birthday Sadie! Three cheers for a long and wonderful life! You picked a great city to live in.


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