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Seniors and Senior Rescue Dogs Make Great Companions


CHICO — Mary Gibson has always had dogs. When the last one died, she felt the loss. "I had always known about the (Butte) Humane Society, and had donated to it. I went there and looked around," said Gibson, 93.

"My son took me. I knew Boomer was the one. All the other dogs walked away from the fence, but my son noticed, this dog stayed by the fence, by me."

That was a year ago, and Gibson adopted Boomer. "He's about 8 or 9 years old. I couldn't manage a puppy now. Boomer was his name and I figured he'd been through enough; I just kept his name."

"I've had pedigreed dogs before, dogs with papers, but none of them compare to the behavior and loyalty of Boomer, the mixed breed I got from the shelter.

"He sticks by me, follows me everywhere. And he's very calm," she said. "Boomer is a nice companion."

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