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Rescue dog without training saves epileptic owner's life more than 100x

I firmly believe in the existence and power of the human-animal bond. Read this incredible story about a rescue dog without any known formal training, who has saved the life of Sara, in more ways than can be counted.



When 28-year-old Sara Russell was diagnosed with epilepsy aged 17, it knocked her confidence, so she bought a dog, Sheeba, when she was 19 to help her.

Months later, Sheeba saved Sara's life when she had a fit and fell in the road. Since then, Sheeba has saved her life over 100 times. Despite receiving no formal training, Sheeba senses a fit and stops Sara hurting herself. Now Sara wouldnt be without her.

I would be completely lost without her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

I got to the point with my epilepsy where I wouldn't leave the house but she has given me back my independence.


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Video Monday | If you were a dog toy

Have you ever wondered what life would look like from your squeaky platypus's point of view? How about that mallard duck being tossed in the air or buried in the yard? Watch this great video shot at the beach, from the perspective of a dog toy.

Life as a dog toy isn't all fun and games, but it sure is a thrill ride.

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"Where’d you get this little guy?" Learn the Realities of Puppy Mills

We are a country that embraces the companionship of dogs more deeply every year. Today, the dogs we have are treated as loving members of the family. As education spreads about the benefits of having a dog in your life, fewer people see a dog as merely "equipment" but as therapist, protector and healer.

About 39% of US households have at least one dog. The amount of money we are willing to spend on our furry family member is climbing. It is estimated this year, we will spend more than $20 billion on just pet food in the US. [Source: APPA] Clearly, all signs point toward a love affair that isn't ending any time soon.

Awareness. I live in San Francisco, a city well known for its fondness for dogs. We have festivals and holidays celebrating all things dog, like Pet Pride Day. We have more dogs than children living here. The Bay Area has many well respected animal care organizations, yet last October the San Francisco SPCA uncovered a sad statistic: 30% of Bay Area residents are getting their dogs from puppy mills.

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Pay it Forward | Pick up lonely dog poop helps your health & environment

Here in San Francisco, whether our dog poops in our backyard or on her walk, we pick it up and put it in the regular trash. This is the safest way to make sure it is treated properly. No one living here or visiting, wants to imagine dog poop being washed into our city sewer, which runs directly into our beautiful bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge.

April 26 is Pay It Forward Day 2012. When you are out with your dog, or even by yourself, today if you see a lonely dog poop, pick it up. Sometimes when Cleo and I are on our home stretch, and I have an extra poop bag, I pick up stray neglected poop. It is a simple way to pay it forward and contribute to my community, without applause.

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.


America's dogs poop 10 million tons a year, a potential health hazard, waste firm finds

"If you think picking up what your dog leaves behind is disgusting, try drinking it," Jacob D'Aniello, DoodyCalls co-founder and CEO, told the Daily News. "The longer dog waste stays on the ground, the more it washes into the water and the environment."

"People should pick up after their dog or hire someone to do it for them," he added.

D'Aniello, who founded DoodyCalls with his wife about 12 years ago, says people who know it's wrong to dump motor oil down a sewer don't think twice about not picking up after their pets. In addition to scooping poop, people should avoid walking their pets near streams and other waterways, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Cop Uses Heimlich Saving Choking 10-Yr Old Family Dog From Stuck Rawhide


When West Hartford K9 Officer Tom Lazure responded to 99 Norwood Road just after 4:30 p.m. on Monday, the family member who greeted him was frantic.

Harry, the family’s 10-year-old Shih Tzu, could not breathe. He was choking on a raw hide lodged in his mouth.

So Officer Lazure does what he would do in any life-threatening situation -- he performed first aid.

Using a modified version of the Heimlich maneuver, Lazure applied pressure to the dog’s rib cage.

It worked.

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Animal therapy brings comfort to hospital patients & visitors


Holland — As soon as she enters the double glass doors, her leash tightens and low pitched “woofs” fill the air.

Her nails make a clicking sound as she zig-zags down the long corridor of Holland Hospital, picking up speed.

A couple sitting on a bench gives in to her curiosity and pleas for attention and reach out their hands to pet her as she passes by.

Then it’s on to the hospital gift shop to get her dog treat.

Soon enough she’s on the elevator, awkwardly rotating her 115-pound body so she’s standing facing the door — always the first to exit and greet the patients.

It’s just another day on the job for Sierra, a 7 1⁄2-year-old Alaskan Malamute therapy dog.

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Seniors and Senior Rescue Dogs Make Great Companions


CHICO — Mary Gibson has always had dogs. When the last one died, she felt the loss. "I had always known about the (Butte) Humane Society, and had donated to it. I went there and looked around," said Gibson, 93.

"My son took me. I knew Boomer was the one. All the other dogs walked away from the fence, but my son noticed, this dog stayed by the fence, by me."

That was a year ago, and Gibson adopted Boomer. "He's about 8 or 9 years old. I couldn't manage a puppy now. Boomer was his name and I figured he'd been through enough; I just kept his name."

"I've had pedigreed dogs before, dogs with papers, but none of them compare to the behavior and loyalty of Boomer, the mixed breed I got from the shelter.

"He sticks by me, follows me everywhere. And he's very calm," she said. "Boomer is a nice companion."

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Terrier Saves Two Lives by Barking in Owners Face Sounding Alarm


ILKLEY resident Tony Anderson said his miniature fox terrier Scooter saved his and his neighbour's life yesterday morning.

The two-year-old terrier woke his owner at 4am by frantically barking in his face and running laps from the bedroom to the front door.

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Green Spring Cleaning Package Giveaway + Product Review

We love our dog very much, but even a senior dog can contribute her share of stains and odors to the house. She may not roll on stinky crab carcass as she did in her youth, but our dog still manages to carry the outdoors inside. She can track mud and sidewalk gunk after only a walk around the block! With Spring here and Earth Day this weekend (April 22), this year what better way to renew our commitment to a green lifestyle than by testing out natural cleaning products that help remove pet stain and odor around our house. 

Choose Non-Toxic Pet Cleaning Products

As our way of contributing toward a healthier and more sustainable planet we tried out a trio of Clean+Green products around the house, basically everywhere our dog went. We liked that all their products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and fragrance free. I don't want to cover up smells but remove them. The Furniture Refresher lifted out odors from the side of the couch where Cleo likes to rub against. We haven't had a problem with our senior dog having an accident in the house yet, but I really appreciate having the Wood & Tile in my tool box for the day we need it. 

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NY Bill Makes Theft of Family Dog a Felony

"This treats pets as the family members they are and sends a powerful message to the community," said Bill Ketzer, northeastern senior legislative director of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals.


ALBANY, N.Y. — Stealing the family dog or cat in New York could soon send a pet thief to prison.

A bill under consideration by New York lawmakers would send someone convicted of stealing a pet, including mutts and stray cats that found a home, to prison for up to four years for felony grand larceny.

The sponsors of the bill — state Sen. Carl Marcellino, a Long Island Republican, and Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, a Manhattan Democrat — said the crime is too low a priority for police as a misdemeanor.

"Cops don't have the time," Marcellino said in an interview on the Senate floor. "This is a growing problem."

"This doesn't generate a lot of attention, so by jacking it up to an E-felony, we want their attention," Marcellino said.

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Pet Oxygen Mask Kit Donated to Rural Oregon Fire Dept


The Gaston Rural Fire District has become well-known for rescuing horses. Now, because of a donated pet oxygen mask kit, Gaston's firefighters have a new tool to help save smaller animals as well.

The set consists of three rescue masks, designed to fit over the mouths and noses of dogs and cats. The kit was donated by Invisible Fence(R) of Greater Portland.

"We realize that humans are the first-priority, but in many cases, pets can be saved if firefighters have the right equipment," Steve Pearson of Invisible Fence of Greater Portland said. "Project Breathe is simply a way of giving firefighters the tools necessary to save pets' lives."

"All our guys have dogs and cats at home," Gaston Fire Chief Roger Mesenbrink said of his firefighters. "I personally have dogs, so trust me, we all know how important this is." Rescuing animals is nothing new for Gaston's firefighters.

In a career that has spanned more than 40 years, Mesenbrink has performed rescue breathing on a number of dogs and cats. "I won't hesitate to do it again, and these will make it much easier."

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Veterinarian Uses Social Media to Connect With Pet Owners

Would you use information given by your vet on Facebook, rather than go to their office? Would you trust the information you are getting more because it came from your vet, rather than someone you may not know on or


Cleo visits a vet specialist

What do you think about Dr. Eisen and his use of social media? 

LAKEWOOD, CO, Apr 17, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Wadsworth Animal Hospital in Lakewood has started using Facebook to connect with their patients' families. Lakewood veterinarian Dr. Eric Eisen says that they use their new Facebook page to provide useful information about pet wellness care, puppy and kitten care, progressive pain management and other important veterinary topics that pet owners can use to keep their pets healthy and safe.[...]

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Firefighters Revive Assistance Dog Rescued by Owner From Burning Home


Firefighters had to rescue Kim Berger after she went back into the burning apartment to get her dog. She then became trapped on her neighbor's balcony. Firefighters were able to get her down safely.

Berger suffered minor burns to her hands but refused any treatment.

Berger's dog, Hala, is an assistance dog.

"She's my life," Berger said, clearly upset. "I got her at 5 weeks old and I've never been separated from her. ... My dog is my best friend. She really is."

Firefighters were able to rescue the dog, but she initially was unresponsive. Hala was revived after being given oxygen and CPR. She was then transported to a local veterinarian's office.

The vet says he expects the 7-year-old dog to recover.

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Spring Cleaning and National Pet ID Week

This is National Pet ID week and my annual reminder to check and shine up my dog's tags, and make sure her microchip information is current and accessible. She may be a senior dog and not about to run away, but anyone can face the tragic and unexpected that separates you from your dog. With spring

Our dog is microchipped inside with ID tags outside

Are you prepared if your dog goes missing? Do you have a plan if there is a fire, flood, or earthquake? Animal Care and Control in San Francisco offers recommendations and valuable lists to help you and your pet in a disaster, or if your pet goes missing.

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