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Spring Cleaning and National Pet ID Week

This is National Pet ID week and my annual reminder to check and shine up my dog's tags, and make sure her microchip information is current and accessible. She may be a senior dog and not about to run away, but anyone can face the tragic and unexpected that separates you from your dog. With spring

Our dog is microchipped inside with ID tags outside

Are you prepared if your dog goes missing? Do you have a plan if there is a fire, flood, or earthquake? Animal Care and Control in San Francisco offers recommendations and valuable lists to help you and your pet in a disaster, or if your pet goes missing.

Is your dog microchipped? Many new dog owners forget to to register with the microchip company after adoption, or don't update their contact information. When we adopted our dog, we lost track of her microchip number. Our local vet was able to find and read her microchip at our next visit. We promptly added the digits, along with other emergency information to a special "Cleo" contact in our smart-phones.

Your dog's identification will make a big difference in their recovery. Another reason to keep some of those current (and very cute) photos you've taken of your dog on your phone. They can be used for posters or uploaded to any online bulletin board for lost pets.

Before a disaster strikes, make sure your dog's license is current, and their tags are legible. My dog gets new tags periodically after her contact information wears away.

Here are more great resources:

Bay Area DART -- DIsaster Animal Response Team

National Veterinary Response Team

Helpful tips from Friends of Animal Care and Control -- Including free and low cost microchipping, or why your dog should also have license

Microchipping -- About.com

Microchipping of animals -- AVMA.org

About GPS Microchip for Dogs -- eHow.com

Lost and Found Pets | SF SPCA


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