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FLOR Tiles | Product Review

Since our dog has moved into her senior years, we have been slowly modifying our home, as well as our habits. Her walks are no longer four mile hikes. Cleo gets nutritional yeast, salmon oil, and glucosamine chondroitin supplements. We are also making sure every square foot of our wood flooring is covered, and rugs are secure. No one wants a leggy Shepherd-Husky to slip when she is doing her hourly "running man" stretch. 

Last year the San Francisco-based pet bed company P.L.A.Y. generously gave us a stylish bed for our dog to try out in the front room. The bed is still Cleo's throne for watching the house. You can check out our review here.

Grouchy Puppy Cleo Loves FLOR Tile

FLOR Worth Every Square Inch.
FLOR Inc., makers of cool modular floor coverings opened their eighth store in San Francisco last month. They invited pet bloggers to attend and offered me tile squares to try out. What they didn't know was that I was already a big fan! My husband and I discovered FLOR a year or so ago, when we were looking for a solution in our kitchen.

I told FLOR how successful their carpet squares had been in the kitchen, and asked if they would work with me on creating a solution for our senior dog in our bedroom. We needed to upgrade the floor covering and wanted to soften the area Cleo often moved to throughout the night. With FLOR, the hardest decision is choosing the patterns and textures. Wanting something plush that still fit in with our modern furnishings, we decided on Love Ewe in Dorset Brown. After we installed it, the entire floor covering reminds me of a soft luxurious sweater.

Not only do we love how the carpet squares look, but Cleo approves too. As an old dog who gets up in the middle of the night to move from her bed to the floor and back again, I swear I heard a sigh of approval and a softer thud. 

Love Ewe is one of FLOR's new luxurious wools made from dye-free, highly-renewable wool. Made in our own back yard, the USA, Love Ewe's beveled edges are the perfect way to add textural interest to your design or use a border around a rug.

5 Reasons FLOR carpet tiles are perfect for San Franciscans

  • They are easy to install with the patented FLORdots™. For renters and home owners alike, the easy installation means easy removal and no heavy rug lifting.
  • The squares make it easy to be creative in the many different live-work spaces/lofts in the city. The tiles are simple to cut to fit odd-sized Victorian rooms and old city apartments.
  • If you can dream it, you can create it with the many styles, patterns, and textures.
  • Because the tiles are separate, it is easy to replace one if you need to.**
  • With the Pacific Heights store, you can see everything in person and not wait for a sample in the mail. They offer 50% discount on shipping, if you pick up in the store.

An additional feel-good bonus for dog lovers: Instead of recycling your carpet squares, if they are in decent shape consider donating them to a shelter or rescue. These tiles can even be used on fully-cured concrete floors.


**Since we put the carpet squares in the kitchen, we have replaced two in areas where Cleo spends the most time. You guessed right, if you said in front of the refrigerator or "food box", and in front of the door leading out to the barbecue grill. Young or old, our dog Cleo remains food motivated.

Tell us, do you use FLOR carpet tiles because you have a dog too? Any creative solutions you've used them for? We want to hear!

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