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Rescue dog without training saves epileptic owner's life more than 100x

I firmly believe in the existence and power of the human-animal bond. Read this incredible story about a rescue dog without any known formal training, who has saved the life of Sara, in more ways than can be counted.



When 28-year-old Sara Russell was diagnosed with epilepsy aged 17, it knocked her confidence, so she bought a dog, Sheeba, when she was 19 to help her.

Months later, Sheeba saved Sara's life when she had a fit and fell in the road. Since then, Sheeba has saved her life over 100 times. Despite receiving no formal training, Sheeba senses a fit and stops Sara hurting herself. Now Sara wouldnt be without her.

I would be completely lost without her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

I got to the point with my epilepsy where I wouldn't leave the house but she has given me back my independence.


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