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First Diabetic Alert Dog in Scotland

A severely diabetic mother of three can rest easy today, knowing Hamish her cocker spaniel is there.

Hamish is the first trained diabetic alert dog in Scotland. He can smell small changes in Carol Miller's blood sugars. Since Carol could die in her sleep or fall into a diabetic coma at any time, Hamish the dog, is trained to also find her medical bag.

After reading about diabetic alert dogs online, Carol found Linda McHendry, a local dog trainer, in Scotland willing to help. 

Carol said "I can't thank Linda enough, she has done it all free of charge. She has never done anything like this before and couldn't guarantee any results but she has done a brilliant job."



Learn more about diabetic alert dogs in the United States visit Guardian Angel Service Dogs

Read my Influence Positive Interview with Dee Bogetti, an amazing dog trainer specializing in diabetic alert dogs.

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Loving Senior Dogs | Why I Support Muttville and You Can Too!

Maybe it was the weather, but this weekend we had more people than usual stop us, to chat and pet our dog. I think the unexpected warmth, with perfect blue skies & air quality, makes San Francisco residents giddy. The sidewalks were crowded and chaotic, but I only saw a stream of smiling faces, and friendly dogs.

The mild temperatures this weekend had everyone outside, including Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. We stopped by Whole Foods Market Noe Valley to see our friend (and Muttville volunteer) Marie, and introduce Cleo. It was love at first sight for both of them. 

Image 2

Why was Muttville at the Noe Valley location of Whole Foods? has to do with one of Cleo's favorite things [...]

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Friday Fun | Boxer Dog That Loves Jumping

This dog is having so much fun jumping on a trampoline. I am impressed by his fearlessly.

Cleo would not be so carefree, even four years ago. Besides, her jumping is more of a mad scramble, like when she starts to slip off her bed. It's hard not to chuckle seeing her precarious predicament, slowly, reach her sleepy brain.


Is this guy barking at the trampoline or just after each jump, because he's so excited? If you know, please share in the comments. Hope you have a great weekend!

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