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Mixing Pinterest Photoshop Memes and Dog Faces

Blend Pinterest, Photoshop, memes and dogs together, what do you get? A lunch hour that flies by!

Who needs Photoshop when your dog lets you take a close up like this? One more reason why I love senior dogs. Calm and confident. A puppy would have licked the camera, if they had stayed still long enough to make the attempt.


Dog faces, Photoshopped or not, make us laugh every time..[...]

and this "They just get Derpier and Derpier" series gave us the chuckles. This meme is some of the funny stuff we're sharing on our Pinterest Dog Humor Board. We also have a board just for Muttville senior dogs, and our favorite photos and blog posts from Cleo. How are you using Pinterest?

Anyone not on Pinterest, who wants an invite? Message me through the Grouchy Puppy Facebook wall. (A feature on the new Timeline profile)

Source: via Sharon on Pinterest


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