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Seven ways an older dog is your perfect match

Living with a senior dog has a lot of upside. My dog will still bark at noises outside as a warning signal to all, but she is more choosy about whether the noise is worthy of her getting up. When we go for a walk, she still gets hot and bothered at the sight or sound of the Fed Ex truck, but even if she begins breathing fire, her days of attempting to lunge into the street in pursuit are over.


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Even with her older dog ailments Cleo is still a big strong dog, which is why I would never hold her leash in my mouth. However, this image did get me thinking about the many benefits to having a senior dog, and I realized we had a lot more in common than when she was younger.

Here are seven ways a senior dog might be a perfect match for you too:

1- You both enjoy grooming

2- You both like to take naps

3- You both want to sleep late

4- You both a good stroll and slow pace

5- You both like to stop & smell the roses, enjoy the view, savor the moment

6- You both know life is short why not be with someone who lives in the moment

7- You both appreciate the benefits of vitamin supplements

My dog is still a dog, but as a senior dog now, we seem to have a lot in common. I'm very appreciative of going through this phase in her life. Living with her has made me more patient and empathetic with my own aging parents -- which has been a pleasant surprise. Dogs are amazing creatures.

What do you have in common with your dog? Do you have an older dog? Would you adopt one? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear your feedback!

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