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Dog Saves Owner's Life With Heroic Phone-Grabbing Trick

This story should make every dog trainer, and service dog proud. And I couldn't agree more with this headline, "Genius Dog Saves Owner's Life With Heroic Phone-Grabbing Trick" that Anna North wrote.

What I love about this photo, Danny seems to be saying,"What trick? That was all skill baby." I say, Danny, you're the man and one amazing dog! Nice job buddy.

via jezebel.com

Bethe Bennett fell on her tile floor Friday and broke her femur. She lay on the ground in excruciating pain, aware that no visitors were coming until Tuesday.

“I was scared. I really thought I was going to die,” Bennett told ABCNews.com. “I knew I was going into shock because I’m a nurse.”

But Danny, a trained service dog who used to care for Bennett’s now-deceased mother, lent a helping paw that helped save his devoted owner’s life.

“I started asking Danny to get me the phone,” Bennett said. “He ran back and forth a couple of times barking and finally jumped up and knocked the phone over and pushed it with his nose toward me.”

But then Bennett realized the paramedics may not have been able to get into her locked house.

“Paper!” she asked Danny. He brought over five sheets, one of which had the phone numbers of Bennett’s neighbors.

Bennett called her neighbors, who unlocked her home with a hidden spare key just as paramedics arrived.

Read the full story and see the video at ABCNews.com


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