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How do you make a happy dog? First you wake them up with belly rubs, then take them out for a morning constitutional then serve them foods that are tasty yet easy to make, and easy on the wallet.

It's win-win when you both are happy with what is in their food bowl. Follow below to see how we made Cleo a very happy dog, starting with squash.

Step 5 - Get approval from customer and happy dog

But we get ahead of ourselves....let's start at the beginning, with a clean squash.

Step 1 - Cut in half and scrape out the seeds*


Step 2 - Oil edges of squash. Cook upside down on cookie sheet


Step 3 - Cook at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or fork tender


Cooked Squash
Step 4 - Scoop out squash & store in airtight container


One squash can easily feed our 85 pound dog for a week, when we add in more vegetables and other ingredients for a well-balanced meal. What are other benefits to squash? There are seasonal varieties and you can often find them at roadside stands for a lot less than the supermarket. 

Check out the May 2011 Issue of Whole Dog Journal for easy ways to upgrade your commercial dog food with squash

Don't worry, acorn squash is non-toxic according to the ASPCA


* Bonus: you can clean, oil and salt the seeds instead of composting them. Get another cookie sheet and toast them in the same oven, on the rack below the squash for about 30 minutes or until brown. A yummy snack for you!

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