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Vote for Grouchy Puppy in Bay Woof's Beast of the Bay Awards!

Shameless promotion in the name of birthday wishes. Grouchy Puppy has been nominated for a Beast of the Bay Award by Bay Woof readers. In case you are from out of town, Bay Woof is the San Francisco Bay Area’s monthly newspaper for people and their dogs. We’re nominated in the Best Dog Blog category.

My birthday is this week, and I would love it if you’d consider voting for Grouchy Puppy in the fourth annual Beast of the Bay Awards. And for our (mine and Cleo's) global and national friends — after the first page, if you want, go ahead and go straight to #43 Best Dog Blog and choose Grouchy Puppy.

The final ballot is available online until midnight on Friday, February 10, but please don't wait until the last minute to vote. Besides, voting is really easy, something you can do during American Idol commercials, or before bed.



Thank you!! 

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